Monday, 11 January 2010

UK-based Classifieds Website

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How many UK-based Classified Websites can you think of?  Not many!  Of course there are the popular ones that most people who are actively online have heard about, such as eBay and CraigsList but have you heard about ?  No?  Thought perhaps you hadn't and that's because it is pretty new.

I did wonder where I had heard the word - or something similar at least - before. Of course, what the folks over at are trying to achieve is something that can be remembered easily enough and pronounced as Trader. So far so good, but I wonder if they are aware of the Welsh word treiddiol which means penetrating? I guess that is what they want to do anyway - penetrate the whole Internet classifieds market!

As well as it being a relief that there is a UK-based Classifieds Website, has some really good advice about how to stay safe when buying and selling on the Internet.  There is an enormous amount of categories to which you can post the stuff you want to sell on and the same goes for when you are looking to buy too.  You can track your adverts once they are up and you can also see how many people have viewed your ads too.

Best for people like me is that the interface at could not be any simpler and easier to use.  I really think that this new UK-based classified website has the potential to do very well indeed.  The website is very new so take the opportunity to have a look at it and get involved with buying and selling online (I even noticed that there was a friends and dating section on it too!

Now, where were those bits and pieces I wanted to sell?  Back soon....!


myspa classifieds said...

There are not many but some are there which give quality ads.