Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Atlantis - Dubai's Stunning Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai is one of those places that when you see it for the first time, either in a photograph or in real life you just have to look twice.  In fact, double take is hardly the word to describe it.  Is there a word for triple take or quadruple take?  If not, there should be as they more adequately describe this incredible place.

If you do not have plans to go away at the moment but like gazing at what could be on offer then how about a little extra fun.  If you have a Facebook account you will know how easy it is to upload photos online.  If you go to the Spotted in Atlantis site you will be able to put a picture of yourself and three friends in to a video of the Atlantis Hotel. Then, when you press play you will get an idea about the adventures that you could have if you make your next destination the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.

This place says luxury, loud and clear.  Although there is a wide choice of rooms and prices (we are talking around 2,000 all told) you will be surprised by the prices - and hopefully in a good way.  When you get there, don't think that this is a holiday just for those who like to lounge around the pool - although there is that option of course! You will, additionally, get access to the largest Aquaventure Waterpark in the Middle East with so many slides, pools and waves that you will be spoiled for choice.  There is also an enormous waterslide if you are not too faint hearted - but even if the challenge is a little too much for you, then you can still watch your friends or family take the plunge!

For the more sedate there is Dolphin Bay - which gives you a chance to get up close to dolphins in a way that you will never forget.  As the theme of the hotel is an underwater city there are plenty of other exhibits too - containing over sixty thousand marine animals. With facilities for conferences as well as holiday makers this is a destination with something for everyone. Clubs, bars and a huge ballroom are available for the night owl in you and so if you like to dance till dawn there is that option too. You can see more (so much more!) at the Atlantis Hotel website and its associated blog. If this have given you a taste to look in to this remarkable place a little more you haven't seen anything yet!

Atlantis Hotel