Monday, 30 August 2010

Fall In Love In Slow Motion

Is it love, as two strangers look across the room? Glass shatters, water droplets hit the pavement in slow motion, as onlookers crave the attention these two young lovers express within their eyes.
Is it real? No! It's graphics, and pretty good ones in fact.

This slow motion film called "Nuit Blanche" explores a fleeting moment between two strangers, revealing their brief connection in a hyper real fantasy.

Directed by: Arev Manoukian
Cinematographer: Arev Manoukian

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Spheres is a space opera including mesmerizing choregraphy evoking atoms, DNA, seeds, spirals, and fractals. The opera was inspired by Anaxagoras of Clazomenae and it was showcased in 2008 at the live music performance by URBAN ORCHESTRA at the city council new year celebration meeting critical acclaim.

Spheres of the Space Opera

Essay Writing - All the Help You will Ever Need

There are lots of different types of essays and the chance are, if you are reading this, that you are experiencing a little trouble getting to grips with what type of essay you should be writing.  Help is at hand – you may have been given some analytical esay topics to consider and your next question?  What is an analytical essay?

Put simply an analytical essay is when you have to give the readers a better understanding of a particular subject (that is, what you have been asked to write about).  Sometimes, though, the words just dry up and you find that you are in need of some help with your essay writing as well.  That’s cool, because there is plenty of help to be had there too – as long as you find and use the right service.

At EssayChampions you will find an enormous amount of help.  There are pages and pages devoted to helping you to understand exactly what it is that you have been asked to do (often the first and major stumbling block to a successful piece of academic work). 

If you have been asked to produce an argumentative essay where your opinion of well researched facts is of paramount importance, you do not want to waste your time writing an analytical essay which may get you no grade at all (despite all that hard work).

So, know what you have to do – and don’t be ashamed of getting help.  EssayChampions is there for exactly that – to ensure that your essays, assignments and dissertations are of the highest quality possible.  Plus you get all the benefits of using the best essay writing service on the internet, and develop your skills at the same time.

When it comes to essays then style, tone and content is important so that your essay is the best it can be.  Likewise, when you seek help with your essays, make sure you use the best service too.

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David Tennant's First TV Appearance - When He Was 16

We now him now as Doctor Who (even though he has recently left the part) but David Tennant has been around on TV for a while longer than that.

With a little help from his Wikipedia page and then a trawl through YouTube we have found his first ever TV appearance. This was an anti-smoking campaign aimed at young people and was filmed in 1987 (the outfits most definitely show that!). It was shown on TV and was also shown in schools.

Amazingly enough, even though David plays a smoker in the film we never see him take a single drag from one of the dreaded cancer sticks! We must also apologise to viewers of this video outside of the UK. Mr Tennant performs here in his original Scottish accent (which he carefully maintains to this day when not acting, bless him) and because this is on YouTube we are afraid that we do not have the facility to provide you with subtitles.

The quality isn't brilliant either - well, this is the eighties, cash strapped Britain and a low budget ant-smoking campaign but make up your own mind whether you think his star quality is there already!

One thing is for sure though if you take this clip as evidence.  The young David Tennant was never going to have a future as a professional soccer player.  He isn't quite bending it like Beckham here!

Actually, perhaps we should be apologising to our Scottish readers for saying that! Needless to say, years before the Tardis, the Cybermen and the Daleks, David was already showing a flair for the craft! Enjoy!

What do you think?  Please leave comments below!

Transmission - New Animated Science Fiction Short

This short piece is about two robots who are left alone on a dead planet.

It was finished in March 2010 and so is brand, spanking new!  The animation was created using Autodesk Maya which the animator admits is a pain to use and hopes that he never uses again! However, this bleak but short piece is extremely well done and has an ominous sound track that goes with the animation really well.

It is perhaps darker than most of the animations we feature here, but we thought it was so cool that you would all enjoy it as much as we did!

TVCI IPL Treatments

Did you know that there is a huge difference between laser treatments for hair removal and skin conditions such as excessive pigment?  We certainly didn’t and some of the facts about IPL Laser Treatments surprised us.

Did you know, for instance, that difference wavelengths target different problems on the skin? Or that lasers can target very specific and small areas of skin without affecting the other parts surrounding it?

Neither did we!  Fortunately there is some great information to be found at the Victorian Cosmetic Institute website which details the pros and cons of IPL Hair Removal and other issues surrounding the treatment of that most delicate part of our bodies, the skin.

What does IPL stand for (we knew someone was going to ask!).  IPL is an acronym for Intense Pulsed Light abd not to get too Anniston on you, all the science can be found on the site we have described here!

So if you are thinking of laser treatment for skin conditions, not only hair removal, and you want to know your IPL facts, then pay them a visit!

Google DNA: 10 Cool Google Logo Designs

Google is by far the most famous Internet search engine company on the planet, and the company’s logo just may be more famous than the company itself. Countless times, Google has tweaked its logo to conform with the changing seasons and so much so that even clever Google fans have gotten into the act of change.

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The Top Three Roller Coasters to Ride Before You Die

Roller coasters are the backbone of any amusement park and continue to draw huge crowds of adrenaline junkies to its mind-blowing twists, turns and break-neck speeds.
Not to mention, the enormous hills and dizzying loops that makes its riders want to hurl up their lunch!

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The 10 Most Striking Actresses Who've Played Bond Girls

Bond girls are generally thought to be mainly living eye candy, clad in next-to-nothing, (or skimpy bikinis) sensuously positioned at various pool/beach scenes for the sole purpose of being seduced by Bond, James Bond.

This is not strictly true, because many of them have also been fellow agents, members of enemy organisations, or even spies and creepy henchwomen. In several instances these girls were the ones who invariably saved the day and the very skin off Bond's charming, secret-service behind.

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Custom Essay Writing

Do you need some assistance with your essays?  After all, sometimes when it comes to the crunch the words simply do not flow – and when you ask for help from your educational institution you get a perplexed look which says go away, your time is up!

With deadlines these days often meaning that if you hand your work in late than it can be marked down, time is of a premium.  That is when many people turn to the internet – which is perhaps what they did in the first place – but in the wrong way.

You see, the internet is not only the biggest library on the planet (metaphorically): it also has the greatest number of librarians – it stands to good reason.  So, instead of using the internet simply as a tool for research, what more and more people are now doing is using it instead for help with such things as essays and assignments.

Help is most definitely out there for your coursework, essays and assignments – you can even get help for your university dissertations. 

Of course, like any service, there is a charge – but if you ensure that you use the right people then you shouldn’t find yourself out of pocket too much.

It doesn’t really matter in which subject you need help – it could be biology, history, law or marketing and management – the list goes on.  However, as well as getting first rate help with you course work you will also get full online support chat, if you require – and ask questions whenever you want to.

So, you see, the internet is much more than just search engines, social media and email.  When you feel that your coursework is getting too much for you and you need help in writing your essays and assignments, there is help out there more than willing to give you a hand!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Novartis "Reflections" Campaign

The Novartis "Reflections" Campaign is really quite something.  One of the most widely respected pharmaceutical companies in the world, it also runs advertising campaigns which turn the head.  Here, the idea is that old people look in to mirrors and see their younger selves.

As such is a rather poignant campaign - almost art in its own right (and that is a discussion for another day, for sure, when does advertising become art?).  We think the point is that with Novartis you will feel more like your older self than you do now.  Or it could just be a meditation on the trials and tribulations of getting old.  Either way they make for some thought provoking pictures.

Novartis "Reflections" Campaign :: Photography Served

Jennifer Maestre Master of the Pencil Sculpture

Jennifer Maestre is a very talented lady - and she must be a very patient one as well.  She spends all of her time making sculptures out of pencils.  These writing implements are difficult enough to handle at the best of the times (specially if you are semi-literate like us!) but what she does with them is something else entirely.

How long each one of these takes is anyone's guess but the end product transforms the humble pencil (or rather hundreds of them) in to something else entirely.  We are not sure whether you should try this at home though - tears before bedtime can be a little upsetting for everyone!

Jennifer Maestre Master of the Pencil Sculpture

Obama Action Figure

President Obama certainly seems up against it at the moment with cries from either side about ammedments and plenty of fingers wagging as well about rights and so on.  What we would be inclined to do (and that is why we have never run for public office, perhaps, is get the old light saber out and smite those who argue against us.

Seriosuly, though.  This is a really cool set of pictures featuring the action figure Obama in a number of poses.  PoTUS as you have never seen him before - except perhapsin your dreams!

Read the Obama action figure article @ Dixi World

Play Online Casino and Pay Nothing

Times are hard but most of us still like to have a little fun every now and again.  If you, like so many others, enjoy playing online casino but you do not want to pay anything, then here is a casino bonus for you.

This site is specifically for people like you.  It can be trusted too, with over 3 years on line and a large base of users.  So, if you want to play with no deposit bonuses, give this site a go!  In this way you can beat the recession and still play casino without losing a thing.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

BBC Weatherman Gives His Colleagues the Finger On Air

Tut tut!  Over at the BBC, something is amiss.  Tomasz Schafernaker the Weatherman on duty over at BBC News 24 (think CNN but posher) didn't realise that he was on camera when he not so gently gave his colleagues, Simon McCoy and Fiona Armstrong, the finger.  His colleagues made a vague attempt not to smirk when they realised his fauz pas and Schafernaker himslef tried to look coy about it.  However, it wasn't going to rub, pretending that he was stroking his chin - the boy had been well and truly caught out.

This rude gesture aside, Schafernaker has been in trouble once or twice before - once for calling the Glastonbury Festival muddy sh*te instead of a muddy site and another time for calling a part of Scotland nowheresville.

Oh yeah - and he also appeared on the cover of gay magazine Attitude, which took his BBC bosses somewhat by surprise.

He might be lifting his finger again soon enough - to respond to his name being called out at the job centre perhaps!

Moving to Arizona Need Not Be A Chore

When you are moving somewhere new, especially somewhere as lovely as Arizona, then you want to make absolutely sure that nothing goes wrong. You need to make sure that your new house or apartment is what you want, first’s first after all, but once that is done and dusted then you have to start thinking about Arizona moving services.

The internet is one of the best places to compare the deals on offer to you when it comes to moving. If you are moving to Tuscon, you will have that amazing panoramic view of the city to look forward to every day. You also need to look forward to other things to, such as sorting out finding a reputable moving company.

That would be the same if you were moving to Phoenix, that lovely, fifth most populated city in the US. With the right moving company online you can specify what you are moving. By that, are you moving a one bedroom apartment or a six bedroom mansion? Next you have to specify when you are moving – plus when you are arriving.

All of these things take time, energy and patience. However, if you find the right site on the internet with which to plan your move then everything should go smoothly. Happy moving!

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Sober Living - A Life Addiction Free

Addictions are something which are very difficult to live with – and sometimes help is needed in order for people to live their lives and fulfil their potential.  Sober Living environments are a way to move on with life and to continue to recover.  Plus there is that all important aspect to any recovery – and that is support.  Doing things all on your own is not necessary anymore.

Sober living is not just about replacing one dependency with another, however.  What is expected from people who take part in this sort of program is that they will connect again with society (and life in general, perhaps) but the fact that you have a support network is what could make all the difference.  There is help finding Sober Living for people looking to live a life addiction free

Talking and being with people who know what you have been through is paramount in terms of importance when it comes to staying away from the cycle of substance abuse.  Take a look at The Way Out website.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Forces Of Nature: What Does It Really Take to Blow Things Up?

From a simple grenade to 1,000,000 million gigatons of TNT, the world's most bizarre and largest explosions can only be determined by the forces of nature. By forces of nature, I mean how much of those explosives is it it going to take to level that office building, destroy the earth, injure an opponent in warfare. Ever thought about it?

Now, Discovery has a gage to measure the amount of explosives it would take to cause the world's most horrendous natural disasters. Disasters such as the San Francisco earthquake would amount to 1 gigaton of TNT and would cause upwards of $5.6 million in property damages.

If you'd like to try your hand and take a turn of the wheel, see the destruction scale on Discovery.
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