Monday, 28 June 2010

30 Years of Mac in Two Minutes


We started out on them as children-I know I did at my middle school. They were ridiculous and over sized, with that obnoxious color of mustard yellow-reminded me of Guldens. Alot has changed since then, what with Ipad and Iphone users burning up the streets with their super savvy techno talk and shoulder bags.

This video is an OD to the Mac by way of the Mac Museum, a two minute rendition of simple tech desktop computers like the Mac II, IMac G4 and G5 to the more advanced IMac Core 2 Duo and IPad.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Drug Alert

When you are prescribed a drug you may just shrug your shoulders when you try (and fail) to understand the information contained within the packet. That is why is an invaluable source of easy to understand information about the potentially dangerous drugs that are currently on the market.

This is one of the best sources of drug information on the internet.

Plus it is free – and all of the information on the extremely large database is without prejudice – it is there to protect the safety of consumers and has no ties to drug companies. It follows updates from various government sources and does not hesitate to publish the facts if safety guidelines are compromised.

Morey's Piers-New Attraction: Ghost Ship

In the 1940s the Ignus Fatuus, a ship involved in highly secret testing with nuclear power, space and time travel fell off the radar. The ship disappeared only to turn up on the boardwalk of Morey’s Piers in Wildwoods, New Jersey. Spooky enough but in fact this is a brilliant new attraction on the eastern seaboard.

This is a great story based loosely on the legend of the Philadelphia Experiment, which is a great urban legend, but is the attraction any good?

The Ghost Ship at Morey's Piers opened with absolutely rave reviews. The video above takes you through the opening ceremony, with the guests led in to the ghost ship to see it themselves. As you can see, the visitors gave it very high scores. Now open to the general public, the ship is not recommended for children under twelve as the scare factor is too high!

It promises to be a different ride each time. Taking two years to design and six months to construct, it replaces a miniature golf course. That is certainly not a bad alternative!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Your Best Interests At Heart?

As the recession bites ever deeper new and unexpected arguments arise. One of the more unusual ones is that which is raging between opticians in the real world and the vendors of eyeglasses on the internet.

You need a PD for a prescription. In layman’s terms, a PD is Pupillary Distance – and that is measured in millimeters between the pupils of your eyes. It is necessary to be measured for PD so that your glasses fit comfortably and you don’t end up with a pair that smarts or digs in to your nose or the area around your eyes.

Zenni eyeglasses is a great website where you can get all sorts of eyeglasses for prices that suit you, unlike many opticians who want to lock you in to what they have in your own store.

Often, opticians will not want to give you your PD, which is important when you buy eyeglasses. However, if you walk in to an optician’s you will find that this information is only available when you have a prescription from the same store. In other words, they are banned or barred by their employer’s from disclosing your PD to you.

That means that then you have little choice about what you buy because it can only be from them.

Isn’t this a lock-in? What do you think?

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Play Tape Animation

play from sherrif on Vimeo.

The old boom box, used in countless videos and carted by all to their local beach, is now the subject of a super savvy design student from the Anadolu University. Created and produced by Davut Toy, Emrah özçelik, and Ahmet şerif yıldırım, this animated "Play" tape animation reaches out to technology that was once, hamster driven so to speak.

Did you ever wonder what happens when you actually press play on the boombox? Now you will!

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Chris Jordan is Running the Numbers

Chris Jordan is a photographic artist based in Seattle, Washington transforming everyday trinkets into artistic pieces of awareness. His work explores the phenomenon of American consumerism and waste. From large scale pieces made with packing peanuts depicting the amount of packages shipped by air every hour or painting 200,000 packs of cigarettes in the likeness of Van Gogh to show 200,000 people die every 6 months from smoking-Jordan is obviously making a bold statement of his intent.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

SeeSaw - If You Love TV

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of . All opinions are 100% mine.

There is a great new website on the block – and if you love your TV then you will want to visit it!  is an online TV service with a difference.  When you visit the site you will discover that you can watch hundreds of TV shows for nothing at all.

You will find TV shows from a variety of providers, some of which you will have to pay for, but you will find the quality of the programmes there are irresistible.  All the big players are represented, from the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.  There is also content from Independent and movie studios too, which you will find tempting to say the least.

What is also brilliant about the size is that they have a brilliant .  There are many familiar shows to watch and you rent premium shows both from the States and the UK.  If you are part of the social networking crowd (and who isn’t) you can even share what you are watching with your friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Oh – and before you ask, the answer is yes.  Everything is completely legal – and you can play it safely and on full screen without worrying that one of the internet big boys will come knocking on your door!

Friday, 18 June 2010

Fancy A Nut?


We see squirrels all the time, playing mischievous games or swinging from the tree branches, but rarely do we see a pair sharing their nuts. This picture was taken by Lynn Evans and is featured on the home page of Webshots as "The Picture of The Day".

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Idea for a Satirical Cartoon in the Style of Gary Larson's The Far Side


A monkey underneath a giraffe, sucking milk from its udder.

Two scientists stand watching from a moderate distance.
One turns and says to the other:
"I'm sorry, George, I was wrong when I said we're the only animal on Earth that drinks the baby food of another species".

It's episode 35 of the most amazingly bizarre online comedy series you'll ever hear, and radio presenter Simon Bumtrousers interviews a man who claims to be a Transformer.

Monday, 14 June 2010

The Beatles Yellow Submarine Archives

Have times changed that much where videos were simple and cartoon like, with a splash of the iconic era of long hair and peace signs? I should say they have as clearly depicted in this archived film of the Beatles showing some splendid footage of Paul McCartney and the boys catching some rays and frolicking in the swimming pool. How odd, yet so amusing!

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The Einstein Tower

Take a look at that!  Certainly, if the hobbits of Middle Earth had ever thought fit to explore sciences such as astrophysics then their observatory could have looked something like this. The Einstein Tower in Potsdam looks like something a curious hobbit might want to visit to explore the skies above, but is, in fact, a near perfect example of twentieth century expressionist architecture, but one made by us not halflings. However, just like the Shire, its history has not necessrily always been a peaceful one.

Click here to visit this amazing article

Daily Sport Pick

Do you like to place bets?  In that case, just think for a second or two about how many dollars you lose betting per week.  Take that in to account and then think about how much time you spend comparing the odds before you lay a bet in the first place.  Then, finally, factor in how good you actually feel when you lose.  Not so good, eh?

If you do like to place bets and you don’t want to waste your money then we think we have found the right website for you.  This website compiles Daily Premium NBA and MLB Picks from 500+ Handicappers.  There is an added bonus too – it won’t cost you a penny.

The website is and it is run by a really cool guy who subscribes to over 500 sports handicappers – and the good ones with excellent reputations at that.  Every morning he compiles all of their picks – and then sends them in an email to you.  There is a summary which will show what the best bets of the day will be.  This sort of service can normally cost you thousands of dollars a year, so why not take advantage of it – this is very inexpensive!

We won’t talk here, but we can guarantee that when you visit the website you will be shocked and surprised at just how little it will cost you to subscribe to this service.  The expertise you will need?  Well, as long as you know how to get on to the internet and to log in to a sportsbook then you can make a great deal of money using this system.

One more thing – you have to have some time.  Just a few minutes a day and when you bet on sports events that have been compiled from hundreds of expert handicappers you will find that the money could start coming back to you almost straight away.

Take a look at the website and see what you think.  A few minutes of your time is a good enough gamble to start with, don’t you think?

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Buying Gold

Gold coins are something that never goes out of date.  After all they are made from a metal which has been changing hands for over six thousands of years.  When trade first began and coinage was first used, it was gold that became the symbol of wealth and commerce.  for investment reasons has never been easier, if you know the best websites.

That is why should be your first point of entry in to the gold market or, if you have already invested in gold before, then it should be a website you should visit soon.  A for example, is something which both retains its value and a thing of utter beauty.  These coins have a history going back to the fifteenth century and have given Switzerland the reputation of minting the best gold coinage in the world.

too has a fine history and its rooster coins are sought after by investors and collectors across the globe.  The rooster, long since a symbol of French hope and faith can be seen above in all of its glory on the French gold Franc.  If you are considering starting a gold coin collection then the Gold Rooster could take pride of place in your collection for less than you think but prove an item of consistent value after its purchase.  Of course, a thing of beauty like this will give you pleasure for years too.

Prehistoric Landscape in Holland

If you take a short train journey north from Amsterdam you really should choose to sit on your left.  A little piece of prehistory is waiting to greet you because when you pass the small town of Almere you will come across something that has not been seen in Europe for thousands of years.  The Dutch government have, for the past forty years, been funding a quite extraordinary project.  Seeing is believing - visit the link HERE and take a look for yourself.

Colossal Temenos Sculpture Unveiled

Quite an amazing new sculpture has been unveiled in the UK.  It is called Temenos and it is the work of sculptor Anish Kapoor. It has been unveiled in the city of Middlebrough as an inspirational work - and it is certainly enormous, that is for sure! 

Towering at fifty meters high the colossal piece of art is part of a drive to regenerate the city and to encourage visitors.  As a post industrial work of art it certainly works, but many are a little upset that so much money (5 million US dollars) have been spent at a time when the economy is hardly thriving.

Read more about it here and make your own mind up!

Gold IRA - St Gauden's Coins are a Thing of Beauty

Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is important to you as it gives you a tax-free or deferred way of saving for you retirement.  We live in volatile times and a can give you a definite advantage.  The global economic environment is unstable to say the very least and recently gold has become the number one alternative in the IRA market.

Depending on your own financial goals and your current situation, should be considered at the moment.  You may have investment preferences but now is the time to have a look at alternatives, particularly if you have not considered gold before.  An asset like gold will help make your retirement portfolio both safe and profitable.

Think about it, gold is the ultimate asset – money in its purest form.  Plus it has a good history – it is the most durable asset on the planet when it comes to the preservation of wealth.  The are one great example of why gold has persevered in terms of purchasing power throughout the ages.  As well as something that cannot be devalued, it is beautiful as well.

As one of the proof coins that the US Government allows to be held in retirement plans, there is little that can beat it.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Love Is A War

This is the very cool new video for the Rogue Traders single Love Is a War with lead singer Mindi Jackson.  If you like videos that contain girls in bikinis, this may be the one for you, but there is a twist.  Rather than the usual bevvy of R&B beauties, the ladies in this video come in all shapes and sizes!  There is another shade to this video too.  As the title might suggest, love certainly is a war so what the two sexes get down to here is a good old fashioned custard pie fight - and they look as if they are really enjoying it!

Thong Bikinis

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Bay City Rollers Grab a Few Grannies

Ah, the seventies - the decade that taste forgot.  You only have to think of the Bay City Rollers to realise how true that was.  Although their music does not seem to have stayed the course as the songs of the main boyband from the previous decade, The Beatles, they were for a few short years the biggest band on the planet.  Usually their TV studio audiences would have consisted of girls, girls and more girls but on this occasion - The Ann Margaret Show - they were confronted with people who were alive when Mafeking was relieved.  Not that it stops the old ones getting down with the kids - I could swear that a few of them were about to whip their twinset and pearl set off and spin it around their heads.  Some of these older folk, however, do retain their natural aloofness - and the sight of one little granny knitting while the Bay City Rollers sing and her peers carouse is the stuff of brilliance!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Himalayan Salt Lamps

How cool is this?  You may be nodding sagely but are you sure what it is?  This is one of the Himalayan Salt Lamps that are available at the very cool website silverskyimports.

Himalayan Salt Lamps act as natural ionisers because they release negative ions.  That means they work against positive ions which are produced by things we find all over our houses – from tobacco smoke to aircon and TVs.

In other words, as well as looking great, they are good for you too!
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