Monday, 29 November 2010

Help Your Project with the Co-operative Community Fund

Are you involved in a project which directly address a community issue in a positive way and which has an innovative approach to the way that the project is conducted? If so you may also have to take time out to scratch your head and wonder how the project is going to be funded.

If that is the case – or you know someone who is involved – then you should carry on reading this. The Co-operative Community Fund last year gave over a million pounds away to projects which are of direct and quantifiable benefit to the community. Your project could become the next recipient of funding.

I have always been interested in dance and drama so if I was going to set up a project it would be along those lines. People underestimate the power of the arts to change people’s perspectives and attitudes and local drama groups have been seen along the years to be of great benefit to the overall health of the local community in terms of spirit and vitality.

However, your project does not have to be along these lines and neither does it have to have charitable status. The grants start at £100 and go up to £2000 which is an amazing sum of money with which to work with and help the community. So, if you are involved in community work which you think would benefit from a grant from the Co-operative Community Fund or know someone who is working in the community, then click the link below and investigate this further. This could really be the beginning of something wonderful.    

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Saturday, 27 November 2010

The Old Spice Guy - Giving Men an Excuse to Dress Down

Ever since the phenomenally successful Old Spice Guy campaign was initiated, men all over the world have been using it as an excuse to take their clothes and bare pretty much everything to the world.  This of course has been with varied degrees of success.  One thing they all have in common, however - they all cling to the bottle of Old Spice for dear life.  No doubt this is because otherwise they would probably be arrested.

Here, with just a towel to hide their, ahem, shame, we present some of those men willing to bare almost all.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

Time to Buy Stylish Winter Hats

Winters are coming and it’s time to shop for stylish woolen clothes that can keep you warm and at the same time make you stand out from the rest of crowd. And, that’s why we are going to introduce Winter Hats Boutique to you. offers a wide selection of , women and kids. From Beanies to Bonnets, Berets to Caps no matter what you are looking for.

At Winter Hats Boutique you can easily find a hat of your choice which is stylish, comfortable and of course keeping you warm. Winter hats Boutique provides Free UPS shipping on all orders. Use Discount coupon code “15OFF” to get a 15% discount on your orders.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Lower Your Diabetes Risk

Are you aware that unwanted weight is just about the number one risk factor for type 2 diabetes?

Yes, additional circumstances, for instance genes and aging do play a role in type 2 diabetes. But a major international Obesity Task Force estimated in 2002 that 60 percent of diabetes cases around the globe were due to weight gain, and in Western nations it was nearer to 90 percent.

If you are obese or overweight, you are 90 times as more likely to develop diabetes as somebody who isn't, as outlined by a review of medical literature published in 2003 by University of Kentucky as well as other

In accordance with Gerald Bernstein, MD, director of the diabetes management program in the Gerald J.  Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Clinic in Nyc, fat cells which go close to your belly work to close
the action of insulin, that is essential to lower the blood sugar.

Insulin normally triggers the liver to take up extra blood glucose and store the energy for future use. But when the liver is submerged in fat tissue, insulin can't get the liver to react.

As a result, blood glucose levels can accumulate in the bloodstream, where it might damage organs all over your body. But even a relatively moderate quantity of weight reduction and exercise can shield you from diabetes.

Routine workout makes cells more responsive to insulin, so they absorb more blood sugar. Exercise also improves your cholesterol and lowers blood pressure level.

All three factors are crucial. Individuals with either prediabetes or diabetes have a much greater risk of heart attack and stroke than other folks in the population and controlling the 3 can lower that risk.

Inside a 2002 study, people with prediabetes reduced their risk of diabetes by 58 percent after slimming down, eating better, and exercising 150 minutes weekly in comparison with people who did not.

One common goal is by using a pedometer and target walking a minimum of 10,000 steps per day.

Exercise helps in case you don't slim down. But if you undertake, you've got added protection against the disease. You should not lose a lot of weight to learn.

In accordance with Nadine Uplinger, RD, a certified diabetes educator and director of the Gutman Diabetes Institute in the Albert Einstein Health-care Network in Philadelphia, Losing approximately 7 percent of
one's weight prevents or delay diabetes.

And also you? What you will be waiting for? Begin to eat healthy and exercise from today!

About the writer: D. R. Ohara is writing for the website, her personal hobby blog centered on suggestions to help individuals to stop Diabetes and raise the awareness on healthy eating.

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Buy Gold at the Right Price

Did you know that as of last year a total of 165,000 tonnes had been mined over the course of human history?  That is a very large amount indeed and goes part of the way to show just how valuable a commodity this precious metal is considered.  Of course if you take in to account that this has been going on for over six thousand years it only adds to the allure.  If you have been considering it, now is probably the right time to .

The at the moment is such that gold, always a good investment – is something that those with a sharp eye for making savings and increasing their assets at the same time are leaning towards.  You need to make sure, however, that you buy your gold from a company that has an excellent track record and an unrivalled history of helping investors each and every step of the way.

Pensions and their associated portfolios can be volatile and as such a has been shown consistently to move against the direction of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Take a look at this short explanatory video if you need further convincing – it is only three minutes long and could prove the best time you have spent recently!

Regal Assets is a site that really does live up to their name – you are treated like royalty from start to finish.  If you are a little wary because you have never bought gold for investment purposes before, these are people that you can rally trust.  They update their prices in real time and you can be assured that the very helpful staff will return your email or your call within the hour.  So, if you are looking for that nest egg, large or small, for your retirement portfolio, try Regal Assets.

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Furniture From Home - Find the Furniture of your Dreams!

When you are looking to buy furniture online there are one or two givens.  First, you should really go with a store that has a track record that is proven without a doubt and one that has a reputation for high quality customer service.

Next of course is that the home furniture that they have is of top quality – after all, this is something that you will want to use and enjoy for many years to come.  Finally you should really research shipping rates as well as policies that the stores have in case you need to return or exchange the furniture.

When put like that it makes it sound as if buying frm online furniture stores can turn out to be something of a headache.  Think again, because the folks over at Furniture at Home make all this very easy and straightforward.  Plus they have a great website which makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

What I particularly like about their website is that you get a variety of choices which lead you to exactly what you want (something that many furniture websites lack).  You can choose to shop by room, from your bedroom or dining room all the way down to your entertainment center.  If you have a certain look to your house you can shop by style – everything is there from Early American to Old World.

Finally if you have a color scheme in mind then there is a third option to shop by color.  Perfect!

Wilmington North Carolina Real Estate

If you are looking for Wilmington NC real estate then you should really try this website.  The Blue Coast people have pt together a very crisp and well designed user interface that is so easy to use.  You can find the real estate that you are looking for effortlessly, with the ability to search by map, zip code or even subdivision.

The site isn’t just for people looking for a new home either – you can sign up to their seller services.  Once the decision has been made to sell, people want to do it quickly and for the maximum price.  The Blue Coast Realty Corporation can ensure that this happens with a minimum of fuss for you – so you can concentrate on the move.

Talking of which, when you are moving house one of the first things you will want to do is to take a look at a picture of the property.  As well as providing you with street views, this website allows you to take a look at an aerial view of your possible new home, to get a better idea about it size in relation to the rest of the neighborhood.  This may sound very technical but due to the very user friendly interface you can do it in a few clicks.

So, if you are looking to move to Wilmington NC, this website is one that you should really visit straight away.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What Would You Do with £40,000?

Now there is a question you don’t hear every day!  Each week PayPal are giving away that amount to one lucky person.  The only condition is that they have made a purchase using the online payment system to purchase something – plus the more purchases you make the more opportunities you get to win the prize.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of chin rubbing to come up with what I would do with that sort of money.  My more conservative instincts are telling me that I should put it to one side and keep it as a nest egg for something special in the future.  That’s the angel at the shoulder, as it were.

The devil on the other shoulder, however, is demanding that I blow the lot.  Perhaps a boring choice, but if I did succumb to temptation it would be a holiday that I would go for.  I would get on a plane with a friend or two to head for Iceland and some whale watching.

While we were in the area (in a way!) I would then transport the lot of us over to Saint Petersburg in Russia for a few days of immersion in to the great art and architecture of the city – not to mention a few nips of vodka.

 To equip myself for this visit I would buy:
  • A camera bundle from Dabs to record the trip
  • Lego travel games from Firebox for those moments when we feel the need to while away an hour or two
  • A scratch map from I Want One Of Those to record all the places I have been
  • An iPod from Ebuyer to listen to my music on the trip
  • A laptop to Maplin so I can keep in touch with the blogosphere while we are on the trip.
Not an exhaustive list by any means – I think I would still have quite a bit left of that £40,000.  Who knows, as I will be paying for those little gifts to myself with PayPal, I might even win another £200,000 on top.  After all, the draws are weekly and each time I buy something I get another entry.

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