Scientific Facts About Music

Are you a music lover? Have you ever wondered what kind of impact music has on your mind and body? Research has shown that music can do more than just provide entertainment; it can reduce stress, increase generosity, and even evoke memories. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating scientific facts about music and how it can influence your life. So, keep reading to learn more about the incredible power of music! Read More >>

Is Your Domain Name Really Important?

Are you questioning whether your domain name is really important? It's one of the first steps to creating a website and can help you build your brand, increase website traffic, and boost professionalism. Read on to learn how you can make the most of your domain name and what other factors matter more for SEO ... Read More >>

Baby Conversation

Sam and Ren are 17-month-old twins and they have a lot to talk about! These bubbly baby boys have a hilarious conversation in their own baby language. Are they cracking each other up with jokes or arguing over what's for lunch? Whatever the discussion, this baby babble is as hilarious as it is intriguing. Watch as these baby brothers take baby talk to a whole new level!

Here at Webphemera we believe that they are probably discussing something that will have a profound effect on the rest of humanity.  It could be that they are actually alien hybrids, much like the children in Village of the Damned.  It could also be that they have found a recipe for world peace and are discussing its minutiae as we look on amazed.

Or it could simply be something more down to earth – perhaps they are discussing what they are going to have for dinner this evening.

Whatever is going on here, we hope you agree that it is very funny!

Counting Sheep Animation

This very clever piece is a one minute "ad-nimation" played during the Bye Bye 2007, a Canadian TV show that celebrates the end of each year and the upcoming of a new one. And yes, we know it is a few years old but if you have ever had trouble getting to sheep and you have resorted to counting sheep then you may well appreciate this.

See if you can guess which profession it is advertising before you get to the end. We thought it might be something like a remedy to help you to sleep – but we were wrong!

Everything Everywhere - Narrated by Stephen Fry

Two different companies (orange and T-Mobile) are coming together to form the big Everything Everywhere. Bill Porter directed this understated plasticine and hands animation as part of the internal engagement process.

It is an interesting piece of corporate communication - very slick and well done but not really giving much away about the merge except, of course, the implication that it is going to be fantastic for the customers!

Animation by Matilda Tristram and Matt Cooper, and voice over by the ubiquitous but always mellifluous tones of Stephen Fry.


Sunday, 24 March 2013

3 Ways to Earn Money with your iPad

We all love our iPad! This product of technology gives us both the feeling of exclusiveness and belongingness. It also gives us the power to do things easier and in most convenient ways. With an iPad, surfing on the couch is possible. You can download books and use it for e-reading. With its wide screen and capacity, you can create more photo albums. You can get directions through GPS, watch TV on it, and enjoy more music downloads. With your iPad, you can also earn money. How?

Renting out your room or the extra space in your house

The iPad allows people to do business while they're on the go or away from home. You can find business-related apps that can help you earn extra money.

Just like AirBNB, an iPad application that allows you to get listed for your room or vacant space in your house. Once you are listed, the app's staff will guide you how you can rent out your home or any extra space in your home. AirBNB takes the duty to collect payments from your guest electronically and you get the money through PayPal or direct deposit and wire transfer. The listing is free of charge. If you want to collect a security deposit, AirBNB can collect them on your behalf. You don't have to worry about special provision as you can opt to give the basic amenities such as toothbrush and towel. By using the Description, House Rules and Amenities sections, you can manage your own specifications and rules whether you're giving a five star experience or just the basic housing needs. AirBNB also gives you the peace of mind about theft and lost items with their Host Guarantee that covers up to $1,000,000 which also includes vandalism protection.

Filling out survey forms

If you love giving out your opinion on particular products or services, filling up surveys in your iPad could bring you the extra money for some extra shopping.

Research Now Mobile is ipinionsurvey’s newest acquisition that allows you to take surveys on your iPad. This is how it works: you download the application; create a profile and receive a survey. There will be no interruptions in your calls or text message as this app allows you to receive calls and text message and you can always resume answering your survey where you left off. You can take surveys while on the go and earn money while you're waiting in line or on a long bus ride.

Play bingo for real money

Bingo is an exciting game and a great way to earn real money. However, there are the so called "deposits" before you can play bingo for iPad. However, there are bingo sites that pay you to play the game with your iPad. You get a small amount of bingo money, usually 5 to 10 pounds. You play bingo and if you win, you keep your prize. Some iPad bingo apps have promotional codes that when used give you free money for your first bingo game. In addition, your first deposit is matched with a bonus prize which gives you free money to play more bingo games. The iPad is a great replacement for your desktop bingo as you can play bingo and earn money while you're on the move.

So, what are you waiting for? Get those apps now and earn money.

Friday, 11 January 2013

Imperial March - 2 x Floppy Drives

We We are really not sure how this was done and to be frank we don’t really care because this is good, really good.

Younger readers may not remember the old floppy drives (hey, go to Wikipedia and look them up!) but the two featured here have been played around with until they successfully play the Imperial March from Star Wars.

OK, it may be more to do with the discs than the drives but whoever created this – you are a genius!

Marvel and DC Online Slots for Superhero Fans

Are you a fan of ? At InterCasino you will find a treasure trove of games to entertain you.  InterCasino was one of the first online casinos, so you can rest assured that their years of experience will ensure a great experience for you and your friends.

There’s more too – as well as all of the great original games such as Cubis and Bejeweled, InterCasino is as up to date in terms of the kind of games that you want to play.  The DC Comic slots are now available, so if you enjoy the superhero adventures of Superman and Wonder Woman then this is the place to come for your online slot activities!

What’s more – there is Batman too! Thanks to the great software at InterCasino you can jump from slot to slot, in the style of Batman! If the three superheroes above are not enough for you then Green Lantern and The Flash are also available.

Of course if you want to play something a little more traditional then there is something for every taste at InterCasino. Baccarat is available at the sight if you prefer your action a little more secret agent rather than superhero.  Plus new bet limits have been recently introduced so you whether you are an absolute beginner of a seasoned player there will be a version to suit you at InterCasino.

Other games available include Blackjack, Craps and, of course, Roulette.  Blackjack if great if you want to restrict the action to between just you and the dealer.  Although other people may be at the same table the game is yours and yours alone.   If you want to take part in something more collective then there is Roulette – which you can play for fun while you hone your skills.

Altogether, InterCasino has something for everyone.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Acronym 101 - DILLEGAF

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Would You Chew This?

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Strange History of The Sunflower

It's odd that so many things that we take for granted have histories that are borderline bizarre.  So it is with the common or garden plant the sunflower.  They originated in the Americas but would travel to the Old World and back – and back again – in their centuries old journey to what we know today. Zigzagging back and forth across the Atlantic like latterday Hollywood celebrities, these plants have an amazing history of which few are aware.  Become one of thos in the know!

The Strange History of The Sunflower

Friday, 11 November 2011

India Opens Nursing Home with Sperm Donor Center

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Spectacular Dams around the World

The sight of a dam – some of the largest constructions that humanity has ever created – can be quite breath-taking. Take a look at some of the most spectacular of these structures.


Unfortunate Placement

Friday, 28 October 2011

Clean Your Appartment!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Australian Priorities

Taken on Lachlan Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sunday, 9 October 2011

My Angel Girlfriend - Lynx Excite Sequel to Even Angels Will Fall Ad

Not content with the Even Angels Will Fall ad campaign of recent months, Lynx Excite has come up with a new advert which features a young man and his angel girlfriend a little while down the line. In the sequel it seems the angel has moved in (naughty girl) and now faces the obstacles of everyday life with a pair of angel wings getting in the way. She must have led a somewhat sheltered life up in heaven because there seems to be plenty of stuff here on earth which illicit a flapping of those angelic wings. Another classic ad from deoderant purveyors Lynx but one wonders why they did not use the guy from the original Even Angels Will Fall in My Angel Girlfriend!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab - All You Have Ever Wanted From a Tablet

If you live life in the proverbial fast lane and need to keep up to date with the best technology then there is a new tablet on the market which may well suit you down to the ground.  The Galaxy Tab is perfect for people who are living life to the full but also need to chill out – even if that is while they are being busy!

Perfect for the trip to work and home again the System is powered by the powerful Android 2.2 operating system.  This not only makes it as up to date as it can possibly be it also means that you can access some pretty amazing entertainment packages.

You will get access to four hubs, social, media, music and readers which will provide you with countless hours of entertainment.  Not only that but the superb up to minute communication features (such as face-to-face) means that you can always be in touch via video with family and friends despite the geographical distance.

As well as running Flash (which other tablets don’t) you also get lightweight portability and thrilling design. There are lots of videos on the about the new Galaxy Tab, but the one I would like to share with you is the one which features the wonderful Fatsarazzi . The London based photographer and blogger shares with us his ideas about how he will use his . Take a look at the video below.

For more info, check out the Facebook page .

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Doctor Who - All The Girls

All Doctor Who's female companions in one long music video - how cool is that?

Doctor Who has been going (on and off) since 1963 and in that amount of time he has had his fair share of young ladies in tha Tardis (as it were!). This cool video shows us the lot!  We start back in Totters Lane in 1963 with Susan, the Doctor's grand-daughter who kicked the whole show off by rousing the curiousity of two of her teachers who paid a visit to the address she had given at school and discovered the Tardis - and a silver haired old man who wasn't that pleased to see them!

They are all here, up to but not including Amy Pond (I guess the video was completed before the new series started to air). However, we see plenty of Amy on the TV at the moment so take a look at the types of Vicki, Tegan, Jo, Sarah Jane, Leela, Victoria, Zoe and Liz.  A really cool video, all in all, with a soundtrack from KT Tunstall - Suddenly I see.

While we are at it, I came across this on Flickr which is an amusing take on the companion conundrum - you know, when they think they's the first girl the Doctor has ever invited in to the Tardis!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Roger Taylor - Dear Mr Murdoch

A long time critic of Rupert Murdoch, Roger Taylor has dusted down his 1994 solo number and is about to reissue it on iTunes.  We suspect it might be a hit for the Queen drummer as it has a certain prescience and says the sort of things that many at the time did not dare say.

There is no doubt in your mind, after you watch this, of the disdain with which Murdoch is regarded by Taylor - and for such a long time, too.

The lyrics, have, it seems been slightly tweaked to move with the times but they remain essentially the same as when the song was first released.

Scathing is hardly the word! Dear Mr Murdoch, you play hard ti see / But with your bare-arsed cheek / You should be on page three. / And dear Mr Murdoch / You're really the pits / Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits.

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