Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Baby Conversation

Sam and Ren are 17-month-old twins and they have a lot to talk about! These bubbly baby boys have a hilarious conversation in their own baby language. Are they cracking each other up with jokes or arguing over what's for lunch? Whatever the discussion, this baby babble is as hilarious as it is intriguing. Watch as these baby brothers take baby talk to a whole new level!

Here at Webphemera we believe that they are probably discussing something that will have a profound effect on the rest of humanity.  It could be that they are actually alien hybrids, much like the children in Village of the Damned.  It could also be that they have found a recipe for world peace and are discussing its minutiae as we look on amazed.

Or it could simply be something more down to earth – perhaps they are discussing what they are going to have for dinner this evening.

Whatever is going on here, we hope you agree that it is very funny!