Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hawaii Web Design

Hawaii is beautiful - a fact generally agreed.  Hawaii Web Design reflect the natural beauty of the state in their superlative services.  As you can guess from the name, the company is based in Hawaii and it provides design service at whatever level is required.  Hawaii Web Design provide, as well as design both web and graphic based, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site and even hosting if that is required.  One of the best Web Design companies I have seen, to be honest.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Celebrating The Books of Triond Writers From Around The World

Triond is a website that has been going for a number of years - a simple google search will find it in all its glory.  It is an outlet for writers to be published online and also gives a percentage of its advertising revenue to the writers.  Many who use it aspire to getting in to print on paper too - and this article by highlights a number who have been successful in this endeavour.

If you are a writer and perhaps thinking of giving up because getting your work published has meant a thousand and one letters and emails saying no thanks, then read her article.  Or if you have hit your head metaphorically (and possibly literally) against a brick wall in the process, most definitely read her article!

Thanks to for taking a lot of time out to research this.

The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite

The recent release of the film version of Where The Wild Things Are is testimony to the fact that a very simple concept, if well done, can create a global phenomenon.  So it is with the children's book written by Melody Rhodes - The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite.

It has been published for the first time this year and already shows many of the signs of becoming a huge success.  The premise is very simple - usually children (and us old uns!) are kept awake by bedbugs.  Well, in this story it is the bedbug that wants to sleep and, instead, a child keeps it awake.  This turning of the tables, as it were, is already entertaining kids around the world.  If you like you can read the bedbug's side of things here.

What's more the book comes with a toy bedbug so as you are reading it out loud to your kids they can either play with the toy or you can use it to illustrate parts of the story.  A great idea, all round.  It is written by an online writing colleague of mine, so of course I am a little bit prejudiced in favor of the book and the project as a whole, but really - if you have kids or buy presents for them - give this charming book a chance!

Best of all this is a story from the heart of the author and not part of some big publishing machine which just wants to make a huge profit - at the expense of quality.

With postage the book comes in at just under 30 US dollars.  You can buy it here, via .

Saturday, 5 December 2009

Nine Awesome Vintage Computer Ads

If you are of a certain age then you will remember the time that the amount of portable storage on a floppy diskette might make your jaw drop.  Wow, over a megabyte?  For sure?  If only we had a crystal ball!  Take a trip back in to time with the folks over at Royal Pingdom.


Rufus The Lifeguard

No need to fear drowning when Rufus is around.  This wise looking little guy can spot when a swimmer gets in to trouble and then its Baywatch time all the way: slow motion running, girls in bikinis and teeth brighter than white emmulsion paint.  Go, Rufus, go!

Doctor Who: 20 Stories You Should See

Now listen 'ere, listen 'ere.  Doctor Who as you know is a Webphemera favourite so when we came across this new article by about 20 stories you should really watch, we just had to link to it really.  A pretty good list it is too - but of course each and every fan will have their own top stories.

My own personal favourite of recent years was the incomparable Girl in the Fireplace which I thought was one of the best piece's of science fiction television of all time.  Going back in time (and although not as ancient as a certain timelord, we have clocked up a few years) then one of my own favourites of yesteryear is The Green Death starring the lovely Jon Pertwee.  Wales, miners and maggots (giant variety) - can't beat it.  A little later the stories that centered around an Ark in Space particularly caught my attention, especially the eponymous story.  I could go on - and on....

Go take a look.  Add your own to the list!


Merlin's Doomsday Phrophecies

Nostradamus did it, Hindu mythology does it, hell even the Mayans had a stab at convincing us that the world at some point is going to end.  However, till now - and this great article by P - I was unaware that Merlin had a few Doomsday Prophecies up his sleeve.  Spooky.


The Happy Feet of the Blue Footed Booby

There is no creature on earth quite like the Blue Footed Booby - at least when it comes to looking as if you have made a mistake when painting your walls that lovely light blue.  Another native of the Galapagos, the BFB (as it perhaps should be known) is known too for its elaborate dancing. 
takes a look at this remarkable bird.


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