Saturday, 27 March 2010

Free Movies at Mymovees

Here is a great site for you - especially if you like to watch movies. There is a massive choice at - something for everyone really. Plus the quality of the movies is great and you can watch them free! Here is a choice of what mymovees has on offer at the moment.

Watch Clash of the Titans Online

Watch Why Did I Get Married Too Online

Watch date Night Online

Watch Death at a Funeral Online

Watch Oceans Online

Watch The Last Song Online

Watch The Losers Online

Watch A Nightmare on Elm Street Online

Watch Hot Tub Time Machine Online

You have to admit - that is a pretty fine collection. So, why not drop over to mymovees and take a look for yourself!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Speech Demo.... Cool Way to While Away Some Time

There are plenty of speech demos available on the internet, but we like this one because of the variety of voices it offers.

You see, we are kinda fed up with people like Stephen Hawking sounding like they were born some way away from the United Kingdom.  Try this out for free.

We had a whole lot of fun with naughty statements (like you do) but we thought we would screen shot our attempt at reproducing one of the more famous speeches from Romeo And Juliet.

The result sounds a little like Joanna Lumley after a few too many G&Ts but it made us happy - until we weren't.  Go and try it - you know you want to!

Find it

Freshout - A Great Way to Freshen Up Your Website

There comes a time when it comes to web design that what you plan in your mind doesn’t quite translate to what you see online.  In terms of Custom Web Development that probably means it is time to call in the experts.

Freshout is a San Francisco Web Design Company that is the one to consider if you want to translate your dreams about what you want your website to look like – and what you want it to do – in to reality.

These guys are cool and confident - as well they should be.  Their site has plenty of information on web design – probably enough for you to give it a go on your own.  However, if you are like us the results may not quite match up to your expectations.  Perhaps time for the experts to lend a hand?

Freshout have an excellent portfolio of work on their website – enough for anyone to take a second look.  If their design skills can be measured by their own site then you are in for a smooth, fast loading and beautifully designed website of your own.  With the emphasis on users enjoying their online experience on your site rather than having to operate it – their aim is to produce sites of quality and distinction within budgets and with full consultation.

So – if you are looking to make your site the one you have always wanted, go take a look at what freshout can offer you.  If you are simply interested in nag up to date, super smooth design then you take a look as well.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

30 Most Bizarre Zoo Signs | Decoded Stuff

Sometimes you do have to look twice!  This agressive crane is signposted for all to see - and is one of many funny zoo signs that have been collected over at Decoded Stuff.  If you want a few genuinely funny moments - plus one or two WTF moments, then go take a look at this collection of photos.

30 Most Bizarre Zoo Signs | Decoded Stuff

Watch Movies for Free with Mymovees

You know of course the Webphemera loves the movies, so if you enjoy watching movies as much as we do, then allow us to let you in to a little secret. 

We have recently discovered a great  site where you can watch movies online.

The site – is perfect if you want to watch movies online – you can see them here for free, gratis – nothing.  Plus they are streamed superfast so there aren’t any of those irritating delays while you wait for the next scene to happen!

This site is not just for movies either – they have lots of episodes of your favorite TV series too.  Go take a look!

Stinge SiteBuilder - A Cool Way to Build Your Website

Here at Webphemera we are always looking for better ways to build websites – for all sorts of purposes whether it is for your photography, poetry or even just to make some extra money!  Our most recent exciting find is the .

If you want to that looks great and one that you can produce without any knowledge of coding then you should really take a look at them right now.  They have some great tools to help you in your web design enterprises.

They have a superb drag and drop website editor and built in SEO tools to help you get your site off the ground.  If you want to integrate your website with the likes of Facebook and Twitter (and who doesn’t these days?) then the tools are there as well as Ecommerce tools including an easy and straightforward was to integrate with Google Adsense to quickly monetize your website.

Oh and if you love your widgets then this is the right tool for you to use to build your website.  The guys over at Stinge have literally thousand for you to choose from.  No more searching for the right widget - you are pretty much guaranteed to find all you will ever want or need right here.

Go and take a look at - we don’t think you will be disappointed.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

BBC America Doctor Who Series 5 Trailer - Very Different to UK Version

This is hugely different from the UK teaser trailer version.  Matt Smith will make his debut in the UK on 3 April 2010 but a few weeks later in the US on BBC America.  As such the Americans have their own teaser trailer - and it is so different to the UK version.  So, here you go folks - if you are desperate for even a minute's footage of the new season 5 of Doctor Who then this is for you!

As for the new series - everything we have seen so far looks brilliant.  Looks can be deceptive of course but when some of the teasers have had Daleks in 1940s London (with spitfires fighting their spaceships!) the return of the Silurians and Vampires in fifteenth century Venice - we can't wait.  Give it to us now!!

Up Pompeii a Shop Re-Opens

It didn't take long - just the best part of two millennia - however, one of the fast food shops of old Pompeii is to re-open this week.  Tourists will be able to feast upon the same food (well, not exactly the same, you understand - the same recipes!) as the ancients and judge for themselves whether the diet of the day was up to scratch or not.

It all sounds pretty healthy but the one thing that caught our attention was the baked cheese dripping in honey.  Now, that sounds like our sort of snack!

Pompeii Fast Food Joint to Re-Open After Two Thousand Year Hiatus

The Incredible Chrysalis

Over at cool new blog The Ark In Space they have a rather marvellous article on the chrysalis stage of a butterfly's life complete with an amazing set of images of a variety of butterfly species emerging.

It may look a little spooky to some of you but you have to remember - without this rather Alien looking stage (call for Ellen Ripley now!) we would not have the amazing beauty of the butterfly itself on which to gaze later.  Go take a look at this interesting and informative article.

The Incredible Chrysalis

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tony's Pizza and Free Bowling

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of . All opinions are 100% mine.

There is only one thing better than pizza in our opinion – and that is pizza and bowling. Wait a second though – there might be something even better! How about pizza and FREE bowling?

If you are going bowling after your pizza then there may well be a problem. Time. You have to pick up the phone, make the order and then wait. And wait. And wait. They always say that they will be half an hour but you know that isn’t possible unless the owners of the pizza shop have discovered teleportation and have a few Vulcans on hand to deliver your pizza.

Instead of phone, order, wait (and so on) what I prefer to do is make the short run to the freezer, choose a pizza from inside there and sling it in to the oven. From freezer to plate it is usually around twenty minutes or so – and that’s why I just don’t get why people are so keen to phone in their pizzas. Plus of course there is the price difference.

There is no charge for the preparation or the delivery of the pizza (unless you are going to invoice yourself) and you don’t have to experience that awkward moment with the delivery guy because you expect change from the bills you gave him (and he obviously doesn’t expect to be giving it!).

So, quick pizza from the freezer is definitely for me, especially when it comes to getting down the bowling alley quickly. If that sounds like a winning combination then you should really check out where they are doing this great offer right now.

You may not have been planning bowling, but even if you can resist the temptation of a free night down the alley there are a multitude of reasons for choosing Tony’s Pizza. My own particular favorite is when I invite some of my friends around for a marathon DVD watch. There is only one snack when you are going in for the long haul with The Godfather Parts 1. 2 and 3 – and that is Tony’s Pizza!

Article Alley – Great Site for Free Blog Content

Whether you are a writer looking for a way to spread or even syndicate your work or a blogger who is looking for some additional content for your website, we think we have discovered a really great site that can help you out.

Article Alley allows you to Submit Articles on a wide range of subjects – the only proviso is that they are of high quality.  Pretty much all subject areas of the blogosphere are on offer at this excellent site, from sports to religion, pets to people.  There is an almost inexhaustible list of subjects that you can write about and submit to the site.

There is also a free article directory, so that if you want to have an article on your blog on a particular subject but do not have the time to write it for yourself, the odds are that you will be able to find something that suits you on Article Alley.  Go take a look, we here at Webphemera think you will be very pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Country? The Republic of Hau Pakumoto

Over in French Polynesia the islanders of Moorea are not happy and want to branch out and go it alone. If they succeed the name of their new country will be Hau Pakumoto and it certainly looks idyllic. It seems they are all set to go - with a President and Cabinet already mooted and ready to go. The reason for all this is that they are tired of high prices and even higher unemployment. One of their solutions to this problem will be to hire 150 new firefighters. Who can possibly say?!

2010 Winter Paralympics - The Big Picture

Over at The Big Picture there is a marvellous selection of photographs from the recent 2010 Winter Paralympics. The pictures celebrate the diversity of the contestants and really capture the event beautifully. Pictured is Josh Dueck of Canada who won the silver medal in the Men's Slalom Sitting event. The pictures really are a treat - go and take a look!

MadBid - Cool Auction Site

We like to keep our ear to the ground here at Webphemera and let you know what is hot on the internet at the moment.  One site which seems to be gaining in popularity as a huge rate is .

It is basically an auction site – but with a difference (yes, you’ve guessed it – it’s mad!).  Its growth in popularity seems to be almost exponential - it is one of the few new websites that I have heard mentioned by friends recently - and they all seemed to be intrigued by the concepts behind the site.  Effectively, it works like a penny auction.  You don't have to be the sharpest card in the deck in order to get to grips with it either!

Since the site started they have generated over sixty thousand winners and are well on their way to the four million mark as the total value of the prizes they have given.  What you do is place a bid, wait for the timer to get down to zero and if no one else has placed a bid then you are the winner.  The mad bit comes from the prices that items go for at this website.  Take a look at the screenshot below – this was done on 11 March 2010 and as such is just a random example of the bargains you can expect there.

also have a page on Facebook for its growing army of fans.  You can get loads more detail about how the site works there  but our own favourite part of it is the photo section where the successful bidders have posted up piccies of themselves and their new belongings.  Cool!

Incredible Footage - Lorry Gives Car a Gentle Push... (YouTube)

Amazingly enough, no one was injured in this amazing 'crash'.  Taken using a phone camera last year, the lorry driver seems to be blissfully unaware that he is pushing a car along at one hell of a speed.  This has just - unbelievably - come to the attention of the car's insurers.  Someone, somewhere is going to have a lot of explaining to do.

Who exactly was the person driving the lorry?  Were they registered blind?  Did they not at least feel an initial bump as the two vehicles made contact?

Who can say?  Perhaps Sandra Bullock was driving.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Movie Quiz

57%The Movie Quiz - Movie Reviews

PARIS - panorama

Can you see what it is yet?  Not to get too Rolf Harris on you, after all  the title of this post probably gave the game away but do you know what this building is?  What you can see is the Eiffel Tower from above and this marvellous website gives you the whole city in an amazing panorama.  You can spin round and round, zoom in to almost street level and experience the city in a way that you are unlikely ever to in real life. 

Awesome, or as the French might have it - magnifique!

PARIS - panorama | © gillesvidal - photographe

Dress For The Moment

Let's face it - there is something about women in Sexy Dresses.  This is a new take on an old concept. A young woman takes a turn through the streets of New York and turns many a head - with unforeseen consequences.

However, she likes a little eye candy herself and that could prove to be her ultimate downfall! The New Yorker is well known for its cool and amusing ads - and this is no exception!

Many thanks to Webphemera reader Thu Xuan Pham for pointing us towards this short but funny distraction!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flickr Photo Message Generator

OK, so the results are not always perfect but thanks to the wonderful Generator Blog we had lots of fun typing in sentences of various levels of politeness and seeing what the results were.  As you know Flickr is a huge repository of quality images and allow you to type in your own personal message, click the show story button and hey presto!  While you might not agree with our own particular message, go on, admit it - you are going to head over there right now to try out . 

Strangely enough, when we tried it ourselves a little while ago the generator allowed us to use really, really naughty words but when it came to the noun for a female dog it told us it wasn't allowed!  How peculiar!  And yes, before you ask, I was exactly the kind of kid who headed straight for the naughty words in the dictionary, too.  Sigh.

Make Your Own Disaster Movie

With thanks to Webcomicsnation

Black Sunshine - Cool Website of the Week

If you like specialty coffe then this is probably the site for you - however it goes one step further.  The flash driven interface is one of the best we have seen here at Webphemera.  This is no ordinary coffee ordering website - it plunges you in to a world where the drink is illegal and you have to visit an underground den of shady mobster types in order to get your coffee fix!  Altogether this is an amusing and different experience - when you click on your various choices the flash seamlessly goes from one scene to the next.  Lots of fun!

Just click on the picture above or the link below to have some fun with your coffee!

Shops That Shouldn't Set Up Next to Each Other

This sign was recently spotted in the East Sussex town of Hove in the UK.  For those of you who may be unaware of this particular piece of English idiom, the shop on the right is probably a baker's.  You can get stuffed if you eat too much.  Of course, having two meanings, the stuffed part of this particular invitation can also tell people to forget about it - in no uncertain terms!  So do you want to help the aged?  Get stuffed!

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Rufus Hound Wins Sport Relief

And quite right too! The winner of this year's Let's Dance for Sport's Relief. The Comedian and Media Personality won with his admittedly (wonderfully) hysterical imitation of Cheryl Cole's Number One Single Fight For This Love.

It was a great effort by all - and well done to Rufus. However, we do have to include the runner up, really, don't we? For Webphemera's non-UK readers who may not know who Cheryl Cole is (do these people exist?) here is the runner up, Katy Brand, doing her bezzy Beyonce impression.

Corey Haim – The Vultures are Circling Already

Newspapers around the world have been reporting that the family of the late Cory Haim have been pleading for fans to donate money so that they can give him a proper burial.  Corey Haim died on the 10 March 2010 and so it doesn’t really take five minutes for the vultures to start circling, does it?

Can they not just leave the family alone?  If people want to donate money they would surely just find the website for themselves?

Various friends have given exclusive interviews, including one time pop singer (one time? How about none time?!) Victoria Beckham has been telling anyone and everyone (through her PA of course) who will listen that she is gutted about the death of the man she once dated.  Might explain why she hadn’t talked to him in about fifteen years, then, wouldn’t it?

We are just waiting for Jan Moir of the UK’s Daily Mail to chip in with something nasty and vitriolic – no doubt that will happen soon enough!  She knows how to tut tut pretty well when wrting about how people have conducted their lived without realising that even were she to live the life of a saint, what she has written has already condemned her for eternity in the eyes of the world.  The hatchet job she did on Steven Gately of Boyzone was something to be believed.

Personally, I would just like to remember Corey from one of his early films – The Lost Boys.  He was extremely funny in the movie and showed so much promise that we all thought he would be an enormous star forever.  Although the movie was almost universally panned by the critics, audiences loved it and it has been a not-so-cult favourite ever since.

The opening of the film, with Jim Morrison singing People Are Strange is still one of the better openings for a B-Horror flick (OK not as good as Bela Lugosi’s Dead in The Hunger, but...).  The film itself didn't take itself too seriously either.

One can only imagine that perhaps it was failure to do this was what would eventually do for Corey.

We just hope that Corey will be remembered for the pleasure that he gave to millions in his various roles.  And again - why are so many people bitching about the lack of quality roles that he played?  Basically they are saying he was not a good actor when the opposite is true.  What is true is that stars rise and then there is nothing more than people like than to see one fall - as spectacularly as possible.

While the nature of his death is so very sad and has led (again, circling vultures!) to so much speculation about his life style, the lessons the newspapers print are never salutary in nature.

Prurient articles about his love life and addictions aside - let us hope that soon enough it will all die down and we can just remember this particular lost boy with fondness.

Image Credit 2
Image Credit1

Digital Publishing

As someone who has published a lot of writing on the internet over the years I have used a number of formats.   I have also got to know a lot of other people doing the same thing.

When there is a third party involved in publishing the work just about the most common complaint I hear is that it takes (or seems to take) forever and a day from the submission of the work to its actual digital publication.  Many of them decide at some point to self publish.

Why is that?  It’s all about the wait.  This is particularly irritating for those people who are selling online – their whole enterprise seems to come crashing to a standstill when waiting for the digital version of, say, their latest catalogue to be ready for exposure online.

It may sound like a cliché but at the end of the day it is true – time is money.

There are many alternative publishing options out there and if you (or are looking in to) want to self publish a digital version of your magazine, brochure or catalogue then help is at hand.

Like almost anything there is an almost bewildering array of choice out there at the moment.  However, having looked in to the whole arena of digital publication closely then we seriously think that your first port of call should be Yudu.

As well as having a long and varied history in the arena of digital publishing they now offer an on-demand self-publishing application.

It involves minimal fuss to use it and of course the huge advantage is that as it is online you can work on your latest publication that you want to self publish  anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

So unless you are four fifths up the Amazon Basin that means pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

Go take a look!

Insurance Made Simple

One of the big problems about getting insurance is the quotes – no one wants to be taken advantage of and so a few quotes (at the very least) is always something that is an advantage.

The only problem is, of course that gathering a lot of quotes takes a lot of time – and that is one thing that very few of us have these days.

Go and take a look at Nebraska insurance if you are looking to get multiple insurance quotes.  The site is so easy to navigate and has as for use – you will have your quotes in a flash.  All you have to do is to enter your zip code and choose from a drop down list which type of insurance you want and netquote does the rest.

It is really as simple as that.

So, if you are a little bewildered by the whole process of getting insurance, then give Nebraska insurance a try.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The International Space Station from Start to Now

Once upon a time in a solar system far far away. OK, perhaps we should stop right there. After all, we haven't really got much further than the end of our noses, let alone be in the position to create folklore (for real!) from our adventures in outer space. However, if you have ever wondered how the International Space Station got from this on the left... this below - then click one of the images to find out. It is an awesome flash generated time line. Release the inner nerd - you know that you want to!

Eyeglasses Without The Middleman

Do you wear eyeglasses or know someone who does?  Then this will be familiar to you - the complaint - why are glasses so expensive?  Well, maybe you shouldn't bundle yourself up with everybody else anymore!  Get them direct!

There is a simple reason for this common complaint - most people get their eyeglasses (spectacles, eyewear, whatever you chose to call them) through a third party.  It is like phoning for a pizza and then getting them delivered by an Italian Pie Delivery Facilitator.  You get the drift - you buy your pizzas straight from those who make them.  Course you do!

So why not with glasses?  Take a look at .  In it you will see why you do not need to go through the lengthy and expensive process of going through an optometrist.

Zenni Opitcal can provide you with the eyeglasses that you need from as little as eight dollars.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Go and take a look!  You may not believe your eyes for a while but you will eventually.  Zeeni use the latest materials, marketing and manufacturing systems to ensure that you get the cheapest prices for you eyeglasses.  There are no boring visits to the mall where someone who needs to justify their working existence umms and aahs for ages over what eyeglassses that you need - and then tries to sell you the most expensive because they are on commission.

Does that sound familair?

So, try a different experience when you need a pair of eyeglasses.  If you want high quality and a fashionable and high quality finish, you do not have to pay someone inbetween you and the manufacturer.  You will be surprised!

Of course, if you think a pizza is a good idea tonight, then call the Italian Pie Delivery Facilitator and pay twice the price!   But you are not going to do that - are you?

The Gift that People Forgot

One gift that people overlook these days is a good old fashioned watch. Everyone has a cell phone with which they can tell the time but nothing beats Brand name watches like Seiko, Citizen, Bulova Casio at the end of the day – and there are plenty of reasons why.

To begin with, this is the gift that most people forget - but it is one that your friends and loved ones will be so glad to receive.

But why has the watch been forgotten?

OK, the big reason is this. Many people read the time with a cell phone but that involves a certain process – finding it (the big one!) and then getting it to where your eyes can meet the time it displays. So many have lost the fine art of flicking their wrist and then looking. A watch is such a cool idea for a gift these days because it is the most useful thing that people have forgotten about.

Think about it – how many people, young ones in particular, go through the whole one minutre process of finding out what second it is.  How many have forgotten the allure of the watch as a piece of jewelry?

Take a look at some of the wonderful time pieces at the penny drop moment will come soon afterwards!

Brand name watches like Seiko, Citizen, Bulova Casio are there for great prices – let someone you love discover the beauty of telling the time - without aggravation for the first time in years!.

Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Impact of The Early Industrial Revolution Upon The Family, Women, and Living and Working Conditions

The Industrial Revolution was a pivotal moment in the history of the planet and it could be argued that all that is bad - and good - has its roots there.  At any time of huge change it seems to have the greatest impact on the family and the women who raise them (certainly then, the greater burden was on the wife, I think all would agree!). 

takes a look at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution and the impact it had on the family and women and looks forward to the rise of the unions.

The Impact of The Early Industrial Revolution Upon The Family, Women, and Living and Working Conditions

A Magnetic Bracelet for Mom?

Seems that the internet is awash with ideas for Mother’s Day presents at the moment and so here is Webphemera’s recommendation. How about some cool magnetic bracelets for the special day? Silver seems to be the metal of the day and we like small, family owned companies.

The rather oddly named is one of those companies that when you discover them on the internet you have found something quite special. In operation since 2004 they do sell much more than magnetic bracelets and you are bound to find something special there for she who gave birth to you – or for anyone for that matter.

You always know when an online store is worth ordering from by the testimonials – and this website is stacked full of them – so much that they have to have a special page just for them! The selection there is large to say the least and the best bit is that you do not have to worry about the postage – wherever you are it is free. What’s more there is a satisfaction guarantee.  Oh and guess what?  They promise to never pass on or sell your customer information to anyone - so you do not have to reinforce your spam blocker when you buy at

The best thing about is that they have made every effort to make shopping online fun.

There is a great Spring Collection that has just been launched on the site that you will have a great time looking over - full of quality jewelry at a really reasonable price.

So, if you are looking for magnetic bracelets or anything else jewelry wise, take a look at this cool site.

All images in this post are from the site, by the way!

The Beautiful Valley Carved By Glacier - FlexiJourney Blog

If you have ever seen Kirk Douglas in The Vikings then you will be familiar with fjords too. 

Norway has many but the biggest by far is the Sognefjord - indeed it is the second longest in the world.  It is also an area of amazing and wonderful natural beauty which is quite simply breathtaking. 

The fjord at its deepest is thirteen hundred meters below sea level but near its mouth the bottom rises up to one hundred meters below. 

Along the more than two hundred kilometers of its length you will get so many magnificent views that you will stop counting them. 

Take a look by following the link below.

The Beautiful Valley Carved By Glacier - FlexiJourney Blog

I'm Alright, Honest!

Here at Webphemera we are committed to using the best possible Creative Commons pictures that are available on the internet.  Many people find the urge to steal the work of others which, quite simply, is beyond us. After all there are so many quality photographers out there who are OK with sharing their work as long as credit is given.

This beauty is by Flickr member . It shows one of his cats. Han, looking rather too comfortable in the new loo.  This, we hasten to add, was before the toilet was fully installed - once it was the lid stayed down just in case Han decided he wanted to revisit this old haunt.

The Godfather of The Beats William S. Burroughs

A brief history of William S Burroughs, novelist,essayist, social critic, painter and orator - plus (quite possibly) barking mad to boot. With Burroughs you never quite knew what you were going to get - his life and career straddles continents and genres.  takes a look at his life and times.

The Godfather of The Beats William S. Burroughs Part One | Quazen

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A New Way to be Remembered –

Everyone knows that the internet has changed the way we do things – whether it is work, shopping or even looking for love. Now – believe it or not – there is a way for you to be remembered after you have shrugged off your mortal coil and it’s all online. You can now create your very own – to be opened by your loved ones at a time specified by you!

is a pretty amazing website – and one which if you have not heard of at the moment then you are sure to hear about from friends and relatives as the site grows in users and popularity. You can choose to upload all sorts of different media – and it doesn’t just have to be about you either. It can be about your immediate family – or even your family tree and history if you so wish. Just imagine how happy your great great great grandchildren will be when they ‘inherit’ what you leave behind you now – no trawling through public records for them perhaps!

This is the digital version of that box you keep in the cupboard or under the bed with all your precious memories in it.  Only now you can put it all online and also - if you want - videos of yourself explaining the content of your virtual box.

You can with My Heart Will in many different ways – there is something there to suit everybody. Plus, as this is a new concept in ways to be remembered, go and take a look at it – you are bound to mention it to friends or family in your next conversation. Here at Webphemera we are quite astonished that we haven’t heard about this before – it is a certainly a new one on us. It’s almost social networking from beyond the grave!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Are We There Yet, Dad?

Sometimes there is only one way to travel, and this dog in Osaka, Japan, has found his own ideal form of transport by hitching a ride in his owner's shopping basket. And with the curiosity that dogs invariably show, he looks like he is something of a back seat driver too.  No, no, I said turn left.  LEFT!  Now you're going completely the wrong way!

The Top 10 Crazy B*****ds Who Actually Changed the World (For the Better) | SPIKE

These guys - and they are all men - were crazy, demented, disturbed, mad, sick, unbalanced, unhinged - but they all have one thing in common - they changed the world for the better. 

Some names you will reognize - such as Samuel Morse and others you will discover here for the first time. 

They all helped humanity move on in one shape or form and they were all pretty mad. 

I think perhaps my favorite here is Tycho Brahe who paved the way for astronomers such as Galileo.  He really knew how to party, yes sirree.

The Top 10 Crazy B****ds Who Actually Changed the World (For the Better) | SPIKE

Top 10 Amazing Cities You Will Never Visit - Listverse

If you are thinking about a City Break then you would probably want to visit more than one of these wonderful sounding places.  However, the only way you are going to get to visit many of these is in your dreams.  Not because of you can't afford to get to them - necessarily - but because most of these never existed.  Instead they were the brain childs of people, organisations or even countries.  Boozetown is my own personal favorite (and many would proably agree!) but there is something here for everyone!

Top 10 Amazing Cities You Will Never Visit - Listverse

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Design a Free Website in Two Minutes

Here at Webphemera we showcase some of the best sites available on the internet. One feeling that is provoked in many of our readers is a feeling of Why Can’t I create something like that? OK, maybe you can.  Guess what too?  It doesn't have to take forever.

True, true. There are quite a number of websites out there that claim to be able to give you the website that everyone will want to see, but none deliver quite as much as this particular free website . From here you can do just about anything that you want and the great thing is that it is designed for anyone.

Yes, anyone – no big coding degree necessary – can develop their own free website with the same IT skills that you may use to write a letter or create a simple presentation.  You should try it out.

Of course, competitors seem to be able to design and create all singing and dancing websites. They look like they took a million dollars to design, create and build but nothing could be further from the truth when it comes to building a free website .

You may know nothing about web design and the terminology - people all bandy this flash word around like they were born with it in their mouths. Building a free website with its own flash built in is easy enough without being a programmer (and they hate you for saying that but it is true).

It doesn’t really matter what your own website will be about either – it could be music, photography, business, real estate, food or anything else for that matter, if you want a free website then you can create something quick and easily yourself these days!
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