Sunday, 14 March 2010

Flickr Photo Message Generator

OK, so the results are not always perfect but thanks to the wonderful Generator Blog we had lots of fun typing in sentences of various levels of politeness and seeing what the results were.  As you know Flickr is a huge repository of quality images and allow you to type in your own personal message, click the show story button and hey presto!  While you might not agree with our own particular message, go on, admit it - you are going to head over there right now to try out

Strangely enough, when we tried it ourselves a little while ago the generator allowed us to use really, really naughty words but when it came to the noun for a female dog it told us it wasn't allowed!  How peculiar!  And yes, before you ask, I was exactly the kind of kid who headed straight for the naughty words in the dictionary, too.  Sigh.