Monday, 20 June 2011

Tiger Beer's Know The Not Known

I fyou are a big film fan then here is some good news for you!  and Empire (in conjunction with the agency) have been working collaboratively to feed your desire to see some of the lesser known movies that are realeased in the UK.  This is part of their campaign and the project itself is called Undiscovered Treasures. It is aimed specifically at people like you.  You may be a fan of the big budget Hollywood movies which dominate the bill boards and the adverts on the sides of budgets, yet you may yearn too, to get greater access to other films, those which sometimes are overshadowed by the vast budgets of their Hollywood counterparts.

There is more.  In the near future there will be a number of screenings of films in the heart of London's Soho. You will get the opportunity (thanks to the people at Tiger Beer and ) to meet people who have been involved in the creation of these films.  This will range from actors to directors and constitutes an exciting opportunity for any film fan who like to learn more about how movies are made. Plus the Know The Not Known project has made forays in to the art world and the interesting installation (shown below) was created by the independent film company Institute For Eyes. The brainchild of British directors Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, Institute for Eyes  really is something fresh and new in the film world.What would any campaign these days be without a ? Use the link to find out lots more information about this project and to come together with lots more people like you.  A little more fun can be had by watching the video below - a collaboration between Tiger Beer and . Time for something a little different, perhaps!