Thursday, 28 August 2008

Extremely Cool Custom Mouse Designs You will Dig

Anyone who owns a personal computer must rely on a mouse of some kind, to navigate from place to place within the confines of the desktop screen. The majority of PCs include a mouse with purchase, but not ones like these.

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Nuns Have Fun in the Sun

Nuns are only human and as such they deserve a little time out to kick back and relax. Here discover, through some amazing photographs, the hitherto rarely seen world of nuns having fun in the sun and learn a little about their world and ways.

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Saturday, 23 August 2008

Fox Mulder, some time FBI agent and alien hunter has secretly leaked his X-File investigation in to the Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Michael Phelps. Read on and discover the truth behind Phelps' outstanding performance. The truth is out there.

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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

So, you're bored. You have a hamster. You have heard that famous actors do it, renowned comedians do it, celebrities do it, why even the man in the street does it, so why shouldn't you? Go on, give in to temptation! Here, discover even more things you can do with your hamster when you're bored.

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Violent Death in the Insect World: Stunning Photography!

Death in the domain of the insects can be swift and cruel but retains a magnificence and beauty that is somehow at odds with the brutality of what is happening. Take a look at this collection of awesome photographs and see whether or not you agree - but beware! This is not for the squeamish!

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The Top 10 September 2008 Movie Trailers

September promises to be a great month for movie fans. Here we present the top 10 movie trailers for the month, so you can decide beforehand which films you are likely to visit at your local theater.

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Thousands of years ago, cats were worshiped as gods. They have never forgotten this and they have been plotting their usurpation of humanity for hundreds of years. Here, we present the definitive photographic proof, so there can no longer be any doubt in your mind that cats are evil and plan world domination.

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10 Beautiful Butterflies and Their Ugly Duckling Offspring

"There once was an ugly duckling," goes the old song. This could not be more true of these stunning butterflies and their most peculiar caterpillars. Another opportunity to scratch your head at the vagaries of Mother Nature, take a look at this pictorial proof of butterfly beauty and caterpillar creepiness!

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Monday, 18 August 2008

Journeys to the Far Side of the Internet

There are parts of the internet that are just down right weird, strange, or simply have no seeming purpose whatsoever. They may just make you laugh, sigh or go and do something more interesting instead. Take a look at the far side of the Internet.

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Love them or hate them, beards are, for some men, an important statement about, well, being a man. For some it goes way beyond this, even. Beards and moustaches are transformed from an everyday statement to a work of art. Take a glimpse in to this world, but please don’t have too much of a hair-raising experience!

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What House Pets Really Think of Their Human Owners

Ever wondered what's going on in your pet's mind? Take a look and discover the horrifying truth! You will never look at your pet in the same way again!

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Sunday, 17 August 2008

10 Fantastic, Fun and Free Online Applications

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with a turban, or even a facelift? Do you want to produce fabulous text without resorting to Word Art. Do all this and lots more with these 10 fatastic, fun, and free online applications.

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Let's take a trip down memory lane and recap on those invaluable lessons that mothers have passed down from time immemorial. Sit back, buckle up and prepare to go back to therapy.

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Monster Leviathans: The Planet’s Largest Freshwater Fish

Obviously the world’s oceans are known to support the majority of the planet’s fish species, but did you know that there are monsters patrolling the world’s fresh waters that are as big as the cars that we drive or can swallow a person whole if they were hungry enough?

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Saturday, 16 August 2008

Top Tips for the Innuendo Unaware Traveller

When traveling for your vacation, there are many ways you can do it. You can stay at a hotel or do it yourself and go self-catering. You can stay fixed in one place or travel around. Whichever way you chose to spend the holiday, you may find these tips handy, if not downright useful.

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Graffiti Artists Express Their Opinion of George Bush

Around the world, graffiti artists are creating street art pieces to express their opinions on George W Bush and the current state of American affairs. Here is a great selection.

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10 Thought Provoking Photos to Ponder Upon

A collection of 10 photographs that will make you think, and maybe even ponder the mysteries of life and love.

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What art means to me.

By Mark Gordon Borwn. Art is not just a pretty picture, nor is it something produced only to be disgusting. Art is the work of an artist who pours his or her soul onto the paper, or canvas.

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Friday, 15 August 2008

The Hungry Ghost Festival

In Singapore, August is the only month that the ‘hell gates’ are opened for all ghosts to receive food and drinks as well as all other forms of offerings burnt for them. Find out more about the Hungry Ghost Festival - and there's no sign of the boys from "Supernatural".

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Dogs Strike Back With War on Feline Terror

With a massive and unprovoked attack launched against them by the forces of CATLIT, dogs have had little choice other than to retaliate. Here is presented photographic evidence on their strike back agains the feline threat.

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Exposed in Pictures: The Final Downfall of Spiderman

It's a shame when once proud and upstanding superheroes fall from grace. Here, in exclusive pictures, we show you the steady decline and final downfall of Spider-Man, from the good times to the final humiliation.

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10 Mistakes in Modern Table Design

For every winning innovation in furniture design, there are dozens of designs gone bad. But failure isn't always absolute, and some design mistakes are every bit as spectacular as the successes.

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Five Science Fiction Ideas, Soon To Be Science Fact!

A run down of Railguns, Time Travel, Orbital Weapons, Quantum Computers, Artificial Inteligence, and Nanotechnology. These will soon be a reality!

This article looks briefly at five Science Fiction ideas, with links to much longer articles on each - some great reading here!
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Thursday, 14 August 2008

Coffee Habits: 10 Things People Do with the First Cup of the

People are as numerous and diverse as pebbles on a beach. Most, though, will have some sort of morning ritual, designed to start the day. For many of them, that will involve the wondrous potion known to the world as coffee. Here are ten things that people do while they take their morning coffee. Do you recognize yourself here?

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Things to Do with Hamsters When You're Bored

Famous actors do it, renowned comedians do it, celebrities do it, why even the man in the street does it, so why shouldn't you? Here, discover eleven things (lists of ten are so last year!) you can do with your hamster when you're bored.

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