Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Atlantis - Dubai's Stunning Hotel

The Atlantis Hotel in Dubai is one of those places that when you see it for the first time, either in a photograph or in real life you just have to look twice.  In fact, double take is hardly the word to describe it.  Is there a word for triple take or quadruple take?  If not, there should be as they more adequately describe this incredible place.

If you do not have plans to go away at the moment but like gazing at what could be on offer then how about a little extra fun.  If you have a Facebook account you will know how easy it is to upload photos online.  If you go to the Spotted in Atlantis site you will be able to put a picture of yourself and three friends in to a video of the Atlantis Hotel. Then, when you press play you will get an idea about the adventures that you could have if you make your next destination the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai.

This place says luxury, loud and clear.  Although there is a wide choice of rooms and prices (we are talking around 2,000 all told) you will be surprised by the prices - and hopefully in a good way.  When you get there, don't think that this is a holiday just for those who like to lounge around the pool - although there is that option of course! You will, additionally, get access to the largest Aquaventure Waterpark in the Middle East with so many slides, pools and waves that you will be spoiled for choice.  There is also an enormous waterslide if you are not too faint hearted - but even if the challenge is a little too much for you, then you can still watch your friends or family take the plunge!

For the more sedate there is Dolphin Bay - which gives you a chance to get up close to dolphins in a way that you will never forget.  As the theme of the hotel is an underwater city there are plenty of other exhibits too - containing over sixty thousand marine animals. With facilities for conferences as well as holiday makers this is a destination with something for everyone. Clubs, bars and a huge ballroom are available for the night owl in you and so if you like to dance till dawn there is that option too. You can see more (so much more!) at the Atlantis Hotel website and its associated blog. If this have given you a taste to look in to this remarkable place a little more you haven't seen anything yet!

Atlantis Hotel

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Even Angels Will Fall

One of the most popular adverts at the moment in the UK is the Even Angels Will Fall campaign created by The Mill in tandem with BBH and acclaimed director Rupert Sanders. It is one of those adverts that you are really never too sure what it is for until the end – and then it becomes transparently obvious.

The inhabitants of a sleepy European town are shocked to see divine creatures falling from the sky. What are the angels here for on earth? What is their purpose? Their objective is a lot more down to earth than you may imagine!

In fact the whole (very expensive) exercise is to advertise the new Lynx Excite range of deodorants for men. Yet the combination of light hearted humor with beautiful visual imagery has produced a very popular advert and one which even the most religious of people have seen as harmless – quite a job to pull off.

One of the greatest challenges of filming the ad was the VFX where a number of challenges had to be overcome, not least the wings – letting them move and flap in a realistic way. In order to do that CG doubles were created and the wings were attached to them. The VFX team were also granted access to the Natural History Museum’s Ornithology department in which the vast majority of the bird species in the world are documented. With this the designers were able to come up with wings that looked like they could belong to angels while at the same time keeping true to nature.

Overall, a vastly enjoyable and popular campaign.

Monday, 23 May 2011

Veebeam HD - Streaming Goes Storming!

Have you ever missed a show and then watched it on your PC or your laptop?  Chances are the answer is yes – after all if you are reading this then you know what the internet is all about. 

Second question, then.  Have you ever sat watching something stream on to your PC or laptop screen and sighed.  Sighed because not only is the screen way too small but the speakers are, honestly, not up to it. If you have had those thoughts and feelings, then your frustrations could well be over.

Veebeam HD allows you to watch any streamed online content from your TV.  Everything that you can see on screen can be sent, effortlessly, from your computing hardware to your TY screen.  Not only that but it is available in HD – which means up to 1080p of streaming. This is not future fantasy - you can buy this beauty now!

I do sometimes miss my favourite shows and end up watching them on my laptop.  What annoys and disappoints me the most is that shows like Doctor Who, which are made with HD in mind look, well, really small and insignificant on the laptop.  What I want (and need) for shows like this is a big screen and lots of volume. 

Enter Veebeam HD. With a very aesthetically pleasing unit (beautifully designed to be unobtrusive) all you need to do is set it up, which takes a few minutes, and you are away.  Cue large picture and big volume!  If your computer equipment is in the next room to your TV there is no need to worry either – Veebeam HD works through walls!
There is more too.  Instead of streaming straight from laptop to TV you can use a mode called Play To – and this lets you stream files without them playing on your laptop simultaneously.  All you need is the Veebeam software and the USB dongle, plug it in to a laptop and you are away.  That means if you want to stream something then someone else can use your laptop while you are doing so.  Pretty cool, when all is said and done, don’t you think?

It does make you wonder where things are going.  With this sort of technology at our fingertips, how long will it be before the likes of Freeview are made redundant?  Could this be the beginning of the end of service providers like Virgin and Sky?  Only time will tell but do you know something?  I am not going to be placing any bets any time soon!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Love and Hate

At some point in your life if you are part of a creative process then you will have felt like this. This is the opening created for the 2010 Advertising & Design Club of Canada (ADCC) Awards. The film taps into an insight we think every creative feels - love for the business when things are going well, and hate, when things aren't.

The frustrations with other personalities involved in the process are all there, too, with your ideas swallowed up, chewed and spat out again.  Sometimes you simply cannot stand the people that you work with. Then, when everything comes together, you love them.

It is produced by Spy Films’ Carlo Trulli, Marcus Trulli and Peter Oad. Spy Films is an award-winning production house, leading the way in film, TV and digital interactive content.

Cats in Tanks

Cats – they do seem to be everywhere on the internet so we thought we would join in the fun with a slightly different scenario to the usual cute-fest.

Here we have an alternative universe view of what life would be like if cats developed the ability to build and control their own tanks.

A little scary perhaps (nah!) but a lot of fun.  In truth this the people over at advertising agency The Whitehouse Post.  Thanks guys, for making the internet a little more interesting!

Polar Bear - Eurovision 2011

The people behind Poland’s Polar Bear Beer obviously have the same feelings towards the annual Eurovision Song Contest as we do here at Webphemera. This TV ad may only be twenty two seconds long but it sums it all up beautifully. Press the play button and see if you agree!

One thing for sure - we would not like to meet this particularly bad tempered bear on a dark night, however much we agree on his sentiments about the yearly musical cringe fest that is Eurovision.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Join the Ringier Revolution

There is a new word to add to your lexicon – .  You may well be wondering what on earth one of those is, so let me tell you.  It is a blend of two things - a magazine and an app.  You  may well be looking at what is the future of leisure reading.  One which stands out from the crowd is called (please note the lower case!) and it looks to explore our world in a new way .

If you own a tablet and have an interest in what is going on right here right now then this appazine from the Swiss media could well be just what you have been looking for.  To begin with there is great journalism - because let's face it, good writing will never go out of fashion.  Then there is plenty of twenty first century newness, including multimedia, morphing and X-Ray lens.

It is also right up to day with this issue focusing on the wedding of a certain William and Kate.  There is a huge wealth of royalty related information all delivered to you via some brilliant intuitive and dynamic navigation.  This is, quite simply, something else.If you swipe, tap or rub, this will be right up your street - a new reading experience that will have you from hello, as it were.

If you are reading this and your first language is Chinese, German or French and you feel more comfortable reading in those languages, then try the collection.  It is available in all of those languages in addition to English. I really enjoyed working through this appazine, and I tried it in my second language, French, too.  It's great in both languages!

Don't take my word for it - go and take a look yourself!  By clicking on any of the images here you will be able to get up close and personal with this fresh and new appazine.  

Sunday, 15 May 2011

iPhone wallpapers - and they're Free!

If you like , then you may just have come to the right place!

On this site you can download, free of charge, stunning iPhone wallpapers, backgrounds, themes, photos and pictures for each and every model of Apple iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G, 2G and iPod Touch 4G.

Plus, all the fantastic wallpapers on this site are of HQ, HD, specifically designed for size 640x960 Retina Display and 320x480 pixels.

You can also subscribe to RSS or Twitter, to follow the new wallpaper every day!

Altogether, you can't go wrong!

Buy Silver Bullion - The Time is Now

Gold and silver. For thousands of years they have been used to trade and perform the functions of currency – to buy and spend. The allure of these precious metals is obvious. When they are beautifully minted it only adds to the overall pleasure of having them in your possession. Take a look at this video about American Eagle Silver Coins – it will probably make you want to .

Of course, the price of silver can fluctuate and if you invest them you will probably want to keep an eye on how much the is at any given time. Over at Regal Gold Coins the price is updated every ten minutes. The chart displays the silver price today of your choice and compare it to times past, whether it is a month or 10 years.

There is a great selection of on sale at the site. You know, too, that when you buy coins which are minted by the government that you have a guarantee of both its weight and its purity. Take a look in to buying silver now as prices are expected to rise in the very near future.

Let’s not forget about gold. The same site has a great way of keeping track of the fluctuations of gold. It can be done with silver or platinum too. You can even embed it in to your own personal website if you so wish - just like the one below!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I Eat My Rusks

The latest craze to hit the music world is one year old r'n'b artist Wisp! Before Wisp could even talk he was singing and dancing and designing clothes.

Wisp's influences include Rebecca Black, Willow Smith, Justin Bieber and NIN.

The song is by Hannah Warman and John Myers and the video was directed by Chris Lincé.

In case you are wondering who the babies are, they are Finnian Louis Magee and Marcel Ajenusi.
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