Monday, 23 May 2011

Veebeam HD - Streaming Goes Storming!

Have you ever missed a show and then watched it on your PC or your laptop?  Chances are the answer is yes – after all if you are reading this then you know what the internet is all about. 

Second question, then.  Have you ever sat watching something stream on to your PC or laptop screen and sighed.  Sighed because not only is the screen way too small but the speakers are, honestly, not up to it. If you have had those thoughts and feelings, then your frustrations could well be over.

Veebeam HD allows you to watch any streamed online content from your TV.  Everything that you can see on screen can be sent, effortlessly, from your computing hardware to your TY screen.  Not only that but it is available in HD – which means up to 1080p of streaming. This is not future fantasy - you can buy this beauty now!

I do sometimes miss my favourite shows and end up watching them on my laptop.  What annoys and disappoints me the most is that shows like Doctor Who, which are made with HD in mind look, well, really small and insignificant on the laptop.  What I want (and need) for shows like this is a big screen and lots of volume. 

Enter Veebeam HD. With a very aesthetically pleasing unit (beautifully designed to be unobtrusive) all you need to do is set it up, which takes a few minutes, and you are away.  Cue large picture and big volume!  If your computer equipment is in the next room to your TV there is no need to worry either – Veebeam HD works through walls!
There is more too.  Instead of streaming straight from laptop to TV you can use a mode called Play To – and this lets you stream files without them playing on your laptop simultaneously.  All you need is the Veebeam software and the USB dongle, plug it in to a laptop and you are away.  That means if you want to stream something then someone else can use your laptop while you are doing so.  Pretty cool, when all is said and done, don’t you think?

It does make you wonder where things are going.  With this sort of technology at our fingertips, how long will it be before the likes of Freeview are made redundant?  Could this be the beginning of the end of service providers like Virgin and Sky?  Only time will tell but do you know something?  I am not going to be placing any bets any time soon!