Sunday, 26 June 2011

Nissan Qazana - Global Reveal Ad

This is the creative concept, design, video, animation and music for the global reveal of the Nissan Qazana. If you like parkour and free running then you will love this. The whole advertisement is beautifully shot with it has to be said a real eye for contemporary urban style.

It is created by Bose Collins, an independent and highly creative ad agency. Their design, production and delivery are consistently polished and totally reliable. Their aim is to creatively offer a professional one stop shop, from concept to delivery, working on animation, art direction, sound design, websites, brand identities, film, fashion, sculpture, photography, exhibitions, illustration, interiors and environmental design, all at the same time. They certainly fit it all in here!

Dolphins in the Wild - Photo Special

The Ark in Space has a photo special featuring those amazing of marine mammals, the dolphin.  Ten million years on the planet and they still haven't said goodbye and thanks for all the fish! Here you can see them partaking in one of their favoirite hobbies - riding the pressure wave of a large ship. You can find the above and a host of other thrilling pictures of wild dolphins over at the Ark.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The History of Gold Worship

Gold has always been revered because it is so rare and also so incredibly beautiful. Nothing shines and sparkles quite like gold in the sunlight.

Cultures since the beginning of time have shared this fascination with gold and it is interesting to see gold and stories about gold incorporated into historical cultural output like stories and artwork.

How far back does gold worship go?

Wearing gold and jewellery started as far back as the Ancient Egyptian times? The Ancient Egyptians were also incredibly religious people and believed that gold was the flesh of the gods. This belief comes from the fact that gold is incredibly shiny and is the same colour as the sun. The sun was worshipped as a god, so gold was seen as a product of the sun based on its colour and beautiful sheen.

Gold is mentioned repeatedly in the bible and there are many stories depicting the worship of it as a god. The story about the golden calf the Israelites worshipped in Moses’ absence is one of them.

What does gold mean to us now?

Gold and our fascination with it, is woven into the fabric of our cultural psyche. This is evident in the languages we speak and our cultural artefacts and expression. For example, we refer to our favourite things as “golden”, like “The golden days”, “Silence is golden” “golden boy” and “The golden rule”.

Our royal family and traditions are another example. The Queen wears a gold crown at state occasions and there was recently lots of media interest regarding Kate Middleton’s wedding ring which was made of rare Welsh gold.

Gold is still the optimum standard to achieve. Even in our games, the gold medal is the pinnacle of achievement.

Who is

Here at, we pay the best prices for gold that our customers send in to us and make sure we always deliver an absolutely exemplary service to our customers. Go to and order your FREE gold selling pack

Monday, 20 June 2011

Tiger Beer's Know The Not Known

I fyou are a big film fan then here is some good news for you!  and Empire (in conjunction with the agency) have been working collaboratively to feed your desire to see some of the lesser known movies that are realeased in the UK.  This is part of their campaign and the project itself is called Undiscovered Treasures. It is aimed specifically at people like you.  You may be a fan of the big budget Hollywood movies which dominate the bill boards and the adverts on the sides of budgets, yet you may yearn too, to get greater access to other films, those which sometimes are overshadowed by the vast budgets of their Hollywood counterparts.

There is more.  In the near future there will be a number of screenings of films in the heart of London's Soho. You will get the opportunity (thanks to the people at Tiger Beer and ) to meet people who have been involved in the creation of these films.  This will range from actors to directors and constitutes an exciting opportunity for any film fan who like to learn more about how movies are made. Plus the Know The Not Known project has made forays in to the art world and the interesting installation (shown below) was created by the independent film company Institute For Eyes. The brainchild of British directors Luke Seomore and Joseph Bull, Institute for Eyes  really is something fresh and new in the film world.What would any campaign these days be without a ? Use the link to find out lots more information about this project and to come together with lots more people like you.  A little more fun can be had by watching the video below - a collaboration between Tiger Beer and . Time for something a little different, perhaps!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Trashy Novel Covers of Yesteryear

Let us take a trip down memory lane when books were books and the female of the species was well and truly respected on their pages. Hardly, but trash was trash and you have to respect it for that. Brazen women abounded and the front covers of these novels helped sell the, er, social issues that were contained within. It is almost shameful to think of the trash produced these days when, to be honest, they did it far, far better in the way back when.

Shocking! If only to instill in the youth of today that drugs are bad but, hell, they didn’t invent them, all teenagers reading this are referred to the above tale of moral downfall. You too could end up like this poor unfortunate girl if you keep on smoking that naughty stuff!

This one was a real shocker! Who would have thought that paving stones could be at the heart of a story? Those girls must have developed shocking piles!

Desperate Housewives was only a dream in its maker’s mind when this book was published. Probably the series; founder was only a glint in his father’s eye when the public was caught unaware by this splendid read. Eat your heart out, DH Lawrence!

Have you ever read such a brilliant title for a book? That alone should have gotten this one on Oprah! Well, maybe not but it leaves you in no doubt that this book has its tongue firmly in its cheek. No? You mean it was serious?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! Why the devil anyone would want to read this is anyone’s guess but the name certainly is tantalizing! Perhaps this was a kind of precursor to “Reaper”. No such thing as new ideas, so they say!

Here’s a girl who knows what she wants and how to get it too! Modern readers may find it almost implausible that people would read this sort of rubbish. I have one word for you. Mills and Boon. Oh, sorry, that was three.

Any book that has the words ‘feverish’, ‘thrills’ and ‘jaded’ on the front must be taking the moral high ground, right? This book was obviously written for plain straightforward educational reasons and not for any kind of second hand prurient voyeurism. Right.

And no one has ever taken the subject of lesbianism and treated it as titillation for the heterosexual (male) masses, have they? This angsty novel must surely have led to a whole generation of young men respecting the same sex partnerships of some of their girl buddies. Absolutely!

These aren’t bad girls really; they’re just drawn that way. A long way before the films of the eighties portrayed the sorority in all its vivid glory, none college goers were devouring this beautifully written literature and believing every word of this. College grads out there, you knew girls just like these, yes?

‘She made men pay for what they wanted’ – so goes the byline on the cover of this page-turner. Isn’t there a word for that?

Commodore 64 - Vintage Ad!

Produced at Peter Wallach Enterprises by Marie Plagianos this Commodore computer commercial made in the late 1980's combined live-action, motion graphics and stop motion animation. As technical director Robert Lyons’ job was to put it all together. 

He accomplished this by having a 35mm precision print made of the live-action, rotoscoping from it for placement of the stop motion, and then bi-packing it as a contact print in an Oxberry animation stand. He then matted in the stop motion that was shot on 4x5 transparencies registered on animation cels, and then double exposed in the glows around the stop motion subjects. The stop motion models and animation were by Joe Laudati.

Friends of Mr Porter

With the sensation of their earlier partnership, which won an ADCN Silver Lamp, Christian Borstlap and Manuel Ferrari joined forces once more for the launch of men's e-commerce site Mr. Porter.

In the film you are introduced to the Friends of Mr. Porter, a very stylish group of gentlemen. A task well fit for Christian and Manuel.

Altogether it makes for a very accomplished piece of advertizing.

Teddy - Cool Teen Mom Ad for MTV

It is probably better than the show itself but this very clever promo ad for the MTV show Teen Mom shows a teddy bear protecting his 'owner' by hiding keys, turning down events on Facebook and various other nefarious deed which will ensure his charge remains safe.  If anyone would like to comment - which is best? The ad or the TV show?

Supercool Sapporo Ad

Crush partnered with Sons and Daughters to produce a lavish voyage though Japan’s rich cultural tradition that discloses the brewing practice behind Sapporo beer. 

This amazing advert was co-directed by Mark Zibert (Sons and Daughters) and Gary Thomas (Crush). Altogether, the result is simply stunning.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Honda's Channel 4 Sponsorship is Looking for You!


has recently been adding a new twist to sponsorship of TV shows.  You may have seen some of their idents on documentaries all to do with the various ways people choose to use their Hondas. It could be your chance now.  Do you drive your Honda in a way which might raise an eyebrow or two?

You may not think that you are out of the ordinary because you do what you do on a daily basis but to the rest of the world it may well seem novel, interesting and unusual.  Philippa farms alpacas deep in the English countryside and she has a very different wy of keeping up with her energetic animals.  Her ATV  is used her chariot, but unlike Boudicca she does not use it to ride in to battle (though I am sure she could!).  Instead it is what she uses to get the food to her herd her alpacas. Take a look at the video below!

The online hub that Honda have set up to share these stories is full of the unusual.  There is Adrian who uses his Honda generator to find out if his lambs are pregnant.  Then there is Nigel who uses his Honda Transalp to stay ahead of cyclists.  This isn't just because he wants to avoid them, he is an escort rider for British Cycling.

You may well be thinking to yourself I use my Honda in a much more interesting way than that. If that is the case then Honda would love to hear from you - by clicking on the links in this article (or the pictures) you will get to the hub where you can upload your story and pictures.

Although you may not be competitive by nature you can win here. who are leading this Honda campaign could chose you and instead of Philippa, Adrian and Nigel at the beginning of and breaks between Channel 4 it could well be you! Honda are looking for new and interesting people, so why not you?

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Streamago - New Adventures in Broadcasting


As the world of social media changes and evolves here at Webphemera we like to tell you about the new developments. So when we heard about we took a look and it didn’t take long (about 5 seconds) to decide that it had to be featured on the site.

Streamago is something different. It has some features you would expect – for starters it is a free service and it enables you to join, share with friends, and connect with Facebook and so on.

But share what exactly with friends? This is where Streamago (brought to you by ) is new, different and exciting.

In a nutshell Streamago offers you the ability to broadcast – your work live. Plus it is interactive but it gives you the chance to create your own and broadcast to the world in a matter of seconds. You may not be the BBC overnight (well, they do have about seventy year’s experience of live broadcasting) but it does give you the opportunity to get your message across in a way that has never been possible before.

You may be thinking that there is a catch – that you will have to go out and buy expensive hardware and take time to download the software. No need. You will need your PC, your webcam and your usual internet connection. That’s all. You have a channel all your own.

The Streamago console then allows you to start up your own channel, create professional titles and subtitles – and all from your PC. If you are an Apple user then the same can be done from your iPhone. There is a Streamago app available and you can use it in the same way you would on a PC.

Streamago does not restrict you to live broadcast, however. You can record your festival, local news event or birthday party (effectively whatever you want!) then edit it later and broadcast it at your leisure. With 10GB of space you can create a fairly long documentary! Finally, in order to capture an audience you may already have, you can integrate Streamago with your so that you can tell everyone you know there that your Streamago is up, running and waiting for an audience!

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