Thursday, 2 June 2011

Streamago - New Adventures in Broadcasting


As the world of social media changes and evolves here at Webphemera we like to tell you about the new developments. So when we heard about we took a look and it didn’t take long (about 5 seconds) to decide that it had to be featured on the site.

Streamago is something different. It has some features you would expect – for starters it is a free service and it enables you to join, share with friends, and connect with Facebook and so on.

But share what exactly with friends? This is where Streamago (brought to you by ) is new, different and exciting.

In a nutshell Streamago offers you the ability to broadcast – your work live. Plus it is interactive but it gives you the chance to create your own and broadcast to the world in a matter of seconds. You may not be the BBC overnight (well, they do have about seventy year’s experience of live broadcasting) but it does give you the opportunity to get your message across in a way that has never been possible before.

You may be thinking that there is a catch – that you will have to go out and buy expensive hardware and take time to download the software. No need. You will need your PC, your webcam and your usual internet connection. That’s all. You have a channel all your own.

The Streamago console then allows you to start up your own channel, create professional titles and subtitles – and all from your PC. If you are an Apple user then the same can be done from your iPhone. There is a Streamago app available and you can use it in the same way you would on a PC.

Streamago does not restrict you to live broadcast, however. You can record your festival, local news event or birthday party (effectively whatever you want!) then edit it later and broadcast it at your leisure. With 10GB of space you can create a fairly long documentary! Finally, in order to capture an audience you may already have, you can integrate Streamago with your so that you can tell everyone you know there that your Streamago is up, running and waiting for an audience!