Sunday, 17 April 2011

The Royal Wedding - But Not As You May Imagine It!

With the royal nuptials just a few weeks away, William and Catherine must be getting quite excited – which is more than can be said about the rest of the country. Over a third of the boroughs in the UK have not had a single application for a street party. Perhaps all the happy ever after stuff doesn’t quite rub anymore?

So, in order to pep things up a little bit, one of the UK’s leading mobile providers had re-imagined just how the royal wedding should be for the twenty first century. So, watch the wedding entrance dance to top all wedding entrance dances. Although we think that Camilla and Harry are the best lookalikes here, it is a whole lot of fun and in the spirit of the advertiser's recent Welcome Home campaign. So, take a look as T-Mobile's Royal Wedding Dance celebrates the marriage of William and Kate with the help of a host of royal look alikes and music from East 17! Cool!