Monday, 13 June 2011

Honda's Channel 4 Sponsorship is Looking for You!


has recently been adding a new twist to sponsorship of TV shows.  You may have seen some of their idents on documentaries all to do with the various ways people choose to use their Hondas. It could be your chance now.  Do you drive your Honda in a way which might raise an eyebrow or two?

You may not think that you are out of the ordinary because you do what you do on a daily basis but to the rest of the world it may well seem novel, interesting and unusual.  Philippa farms alpacas deep in the English countryside and she has a very different wy of keeping up with her energetic animals.  Her ATV  is used her chariot, but unlike Boudicca she does not use it to ride in to battle (though I am sure she could!).  Instead it is what she uses to get the food to her herd her alpacas. Take a look at the video below!

The online hub that Honda have set up to share these stories is full of the unusual.  There is Adrian who uses his Honda generator to find out if his lambs are pregnant.  Then there is Nigel who uses his Honda Transalp to stay ahead of cyclists.  This isn't just because he wants to avoid them, he is an escort rider for British Cycling.

You may well be thinking to yourself I use my Honda in a much more interesting way than that. If that is the case then Honda would love to hear from you - by clicking on the links in this article (or the pictures) you will get to the hub where you can upload your story and pictures.

Although you may not be competitive by nature you can win here. who are leading this Honda campaign could chose you and instead of Philippa, Adrian and Nigel at the beginning of and breaks between Channel 4 it could well be you! Honda are looking for new and interesting people, so why not you?