Saturday, 6 March 2010

A New Way to be Remembered –

Everyone knows that the internet has changed the way we do things – whether it is work, shopping or even looking for love. Now – believe it or not – there is a way for you to be remembered after you have shrugged off your mortal coil and it’s all online. You can now create your very own – to be opened by your loved ones at a time specified by you!

is a pretty amazing website – and one which if you have not heard of at the moment then you are sure to hear about from friends and relatives as the site grows in users and popularity. You can choose to upload all sorts of different media – and it doesn’t just have to be about you either. It can be about your immediate family – or even your family tree and history if you so wish. Just imagine how happy your great great great grandchildren will be when they ‘inherit’ what you leave behind you now – no trawling through public records for them perhaps!

This is the digital version of that box you keep in the cupboard or under the bed with all your precious memories in it.  Only now you can put it all online and also - if you want - videos of yourself explaining the content of your virtual box.

You can with My Heart Will in many different ways – there is something there to suit everybody. Plus, as this is a new concept in ways to be remembered, go and take a look at it – you are bound to mention it to friends or family in your next conversation. Here at Webphemera we are quite astonished that we haven’t heard about this before – it is a certainly a new one on us. It’s almost social networking from beyond the grave!