Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Speech Demo.... Cool Way to While Away Some Time

There are plenty of speech demos available on the internet, but we like this one because of the variety of voices it offers.

You see, we are kinda fed up with people like Stephen Hawking sounding like they were born some way away from the United Kingdom.  Try this out for free.

We had a whole lot of fun with naughty statements (like you do) but we thought we would screen shot our attempt at reproducing one of the more famous speeches from Romeo And Juliet.

The result sounds a little like Joanna Lumley after a few too many G&Ts but it made us happy - until we weren't.  Go and try it - you know you want to!

Find it


The Ancient Digger said...

My fiance used this for a funny poem. It was so hilarious.