Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Stinge SiteBuilder - A Cool Way to Build Your Website

Here at Webphemera we are always looking for better ways to build websites – for all sorts of purposes whether it is for your photography, poetry or even just to make some extra money!  Our most recent exciting find is the .

If you want to that looks great and one that you can produce without any knowledge of coding then you should really take a look at them right now.  They have some great tools to help you in your web design enterprises.

They have a superb drag and drop website editor and built in SEO tools to help you get your site off the ground.  If you want to integrate your website with the likes of Facebook and Twitter (and who doesn’t these days?) then the tools are there as well as Ecommerce tools including an easy and straightforward was to integrate with Google Adsense to quickly monetize your website.

Oh and if you love your widgets then this is the right tool for you to use to build your website.  The guys over at Stinge have literally thousand for you to choose from.  No more searching for the right widget - you are pretty much guaranteed to find all you will ever want or need right here.

Go and take a look at - we don’t think you will be disappointed.


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nice sitebuilder