Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Eyeglasses Without The Middleman

Do you wear eyeglasses or know someone who does?  Then this will be familiar to you - the complaint - why are glasses so expensive?  Well, maybe you shouldn't bundle yourself up with everybody else anymore!  Get them direct!

There is a simple reason for this common complaint - most people get their eyeglasses (spectacles, eyewear, whatever you chose to call them) through a third party.  It is like phoning for a pizza and then getting them delivered by an Italian Pie Delivery Facilitator.  You get the drift - you buy your pizzas straight from those who make them.  Course you do!

So why not with glasses?  Take a look at .  In it you will see why you do not need to go through the lengthy and expensive process of going through an optometrist.

Zenni Opitcal can provide you with the eyeglasses that you need from as little as eight dollars.  Yes, you read that correctly.

Go and take a look!  You may not believe your eyes for a while but you will eventually.  Zeeni use the latest materials, marketing and manufacturing systems to ensure that you get the cheapest prices for you eyeglasses.  There are no boring visits to the mall where someone who needs to justify their working existence umms and aahs for ages over what eyeglassses that you need - and then tries to sell you the most expensive because they are on commission.

Does that sound familair?

So, try a different experience when you need a pair of eyeglasses.  If you want high quality and a fashionable and high quality finish, you do not have to pay someone inbetween you and the manufacturer.  You will be surprised!

Of course, if you think a pizza is a good idea tonight, then call the Italian Pie Delivery Facilitator and pay twice the price!   But you are not going to do that - are you?