Saturday, 20 March 2010

Tony's Pizza and Free Bowling

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There is only one thing better than pizza in our opinion – and that is pizza and bowling. Wait a second though – there might be something even better! How about pizza and FREE bowling?

If you are going bowling after your pizza then there may well be a problem. Time. You have to pick up the phone, make the order and then wait. And wait. And wait. They always say that they will be half an hour but you know that isn’t possible unless the owners of the pizza shop have discovered teleportation and have a few Vulcans on hand to deliver your pizza.

Instead of phone, order, wait (and so on) what I prefer to do is make the short run to the freezer, choose a pizza from inside there and sling it in to the oven. From freezer to plate it is usually around twenty minutes or so – and that’s why I just don’t get why people are so keen to phone in their pizzas. Plus of course there is the price difference.

There is no charge for the preparation or the delivery of the pizza (unless you are going to invoice yourself) and you don’t have to experience that awkward moment with the delivery guy because you expect change from the bills you gave him (and he obviously doesn’t expect to be giving it!).

So, quick pizza from the freezer is definitely for me, especially when it comes to getting down the bowling alley quickly. If that sounds like a winning combination then you should really check out where they are doing this great offer right now.

You may not have been planning bowling, but even if you can resist the temptation of a free night down the alley there are a multitude of reasons for choosing Tony’s Pizza. My own particular favorite is when I invite some of my friends around for a marathon DVD watch. There is only one snack when you are going in for the long haul with The Godfather Parts 1. 2 and 3 – and that is Tony’s Pizza!


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