Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite

The recent release of the film version of Where The Wild Things Are is testimony to the fact that a very simple concept, if well done, can create a global phenomenon.  So it is with the children's book written by Melody Rhodes - The Bedbug Who Wouldn't Bite.

It has been published for the first time this year and already shows many of the signs of becoming a huge success.  The premise is very simple - usually children (and us old uns!) are kept awake by bedbugs.  Well, in this story it is the bedbug that wants to sleep and, instead, a child keeps it awake.  This turning of the tables, as it were, is already entertaining kids around the world.  If you like you can read the bedbug's side of things here.

What's more the book comes with a toy bedbug so as you are reading it out loud to your kids they can either play with the toy or you can use it to illustrate parts of the story.  A great idea, all round.  It is written by an online writing colleague of mine, so of course I am a little bit prejudiced in favor of the book and the project as a whole, but really - if you have kids or buy presents for them - give this charming book a chance!

Best of all this is a story from the heart of the author and not part of some big publishing machine which just wants to make a huge profit - at the expense of quality.

With postage the book comes in at just under 30 US dollars.  You can buy it here, via .


the BEDBUG Blog said...

Wow! Thanks for the mention.

The response has been encouraging. Reports I'm getting so far: kids just love Bedbug and keep "bugging" their parents to read the story to them.

The book can be ordered via World Famous Books
( 'em Bedbug sent you! ($19.95 + 6.00 shipping).

Bedbug Books said...

Hello again,
We've moved the blog to Bedbug Books. A number of Bedbug products are now offered: printable coloring pages, the bedbug toy, the larger Bedbug book, as well as the original book pkg.

I have more news! We are now working on the storyboard for the second story in the series, which we are hoping to release the second book before Xmas 2010.