Saturday, 5 December 2009

Doctor Who: 20 Stories You Should See

Now listen 'ere, listen 'ere.  Doctor Who as you know is a Webphemera favourite so when we came across this new article by about 20 stories you should really watch, we just had to link to it really.  A pretty good list it is too - but of course each and every fan will have their own top stories.

My own personal favourite of recent years was the incomparable Girl in the Fireplace which I thought was one of the best piece's of science fiction television of all time.  Going back in time (and although not as ancient as a certain timelord, we have clocked up a few years) then one of my own favourites of yesteryear is The Green Death starring the lovely Jon Pertwee.  Wales, miners and maggots (giant variety) - can't beat it.  A little later the stories that centered around an Ark in Space particularly caught my attention, especially the eponymous story.  I could go on - and on....

Go take a look.  Add your own to the list!