Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What Would You Do with £40,000?

Now there is a question you don’t hear every day!  Each week PayPal are giving away that amount to one lucky person.  The only condition is that they have made a purchase using the online payment system to purchase something – plus the more purchases you make the more opportunities you get to win the prize.

I’ve been doing quite a lot of chin rubbing to come up with what I would do with that sort of money.  My more conservative instincts are telling me that I should put it to one side and keep it as a nest egg for something special in the future.  That’s the angel at the shoulder, as it were.

The devil on the other shoulder, however, is demanding that I blow the lot.  Perhaps a boring choice, but if I did succumb to temptation it would be a holiday that I would go for.  I would get on a plane with a friend or two to head for Iceland and some whale watching.

While we were in the area (in a way!) I would then transport the lot of us over to Saint Petersburg in Russia for a few days of immersion in to the great art and architecture of the city – not to mention a few nips of vodka.

 To equip myself for this visit I would buy:
  • A camera bundle from Dabs to record the trip
  • Lego travel games from Firebox for those moments when we feel the need to while away an hour or two
  • A scratch map from I Want One Of Those to record all the places I have been
  • An iPod from Ebuyer to listen to my music on the trip
  • A laptop to Maplin so I can keep in touch with the blogosphere while we are on the trip.
Not an exhaustive list by any means – I think I would still have quite a bit left of that £40,000.  Who knows, as I will be paying for those little gifts to myself with PayPal, I might even win another £200,000 on top.  After all, the draws are weekly and each time I buy something I get another entry.

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