Friday, 25 June 2010

Your Best Interests At Heart?

As the recession bites ever deeper new and unexpected arguments arise. One of the more unusual ones is that which is raging between opticians in the real world and the vendors of eyeglasses on the internet.

You need a PD for a prescription. In layman’s terms, a PD is Pupillary Distance – and that is measured in millimeters between the pupils of your eyes. It is necessary to be measured for PD so that your glasses fit comfortably and you don’t end up with a pair that smarts or digs in to your nose or the area around your eyes.

Zenni eyeglasses is a great website where you can get all sorts of eyeglasses for prices that suit you, unlike many opticians who want to lock you in to what they have in your own store.

Often, opticians will not want to give you your PD, which is important when you buy eyeglasses. However, if you walk in to an optician’s you will find that this information is only available when you have a prescription from the same store. In other words, they are banned or barred by their employer’s from disclosing your PD to you.

That means that then you have little choice about what you buy because it can only be from them.

Isn’t this a lock-in? What do you think?