Friday, 15 January 2010

Brainwave Entrainment

Have you ever considered trying to sharpen your mind?  It has been shown that those people who actively engage in this process have higher energy levels and are even happier than those that do not. An increasingly popular way of doing this is by using a brainwave generator. is a  very interesting site and shows how, through the process of donning a pair of headphones and simply sitting back and listening, you can actually bring about substantial life change by listening to brainwave meditation recordings. It is really worth a visit - especially if you are a little wary of this kind of thing - the testimonials speak for themselves.

They have been going for over four years now.  The science behind it involves influencing brainwaves that are present at certain states of mind.   This is done by playing the audio sounds on the CDs.  Certain brainwave patterns are induced by the brainwave generator and will help to tak them to their optimum performance.  There is a 6 CD program which takes you through the entire process.  Go and have a look over at