Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Funniest Avatar Review You Will Ever Read

Over at Wond3r's Blog there is - like the title of this post says - possibly the funniest review of Avatar that you will ever read.  Just to give you a taste - here is how the review starts.

"Avatar is a movie about interspecies romance, wherein blue people with no clothes have USB Compatible genitals in their ponytails. This is the planet that Mystique came from, and a lot of people here look like her. Everything on their planet glows, flashes, strobes or luminesces in some way because that is f**king awesome. At night when the sun goes down, someone turns on the black lights and they have badass jungle raves until the Terrans from Star Craft show up with Master Chief’s air force and start bulldozing their trees."

The stars in the extract are my own - in case you poor mites get offended.  It goes on from there and I will be the first to admit that I had to put my ever present cup of coffee to one side because I was in danger of spitting out fully my fully caffeinated.  The review is pretty long - almost as long as the movie - so prepare yourself by moving any sharp object that may be in falling on distance from you.