Sunday, 10 January 2010

Apocalypse Never

The end of the world is something that people seem to be worrying about a lot lately.  Personally I am of the opinion that we are here for a good time not long time and so, really, there is nothing much to worry about if the world does end tomorrow.  What is more, when people talk about the end of the world they are generally talking about the end of our particular species, which isn't the same thing at all.

With that in mind I came across this interesting article today, by .  In it he outlines ten predictions of apocalypse that didn't happen.  So, if you think we are doomed then read this short but entertaining piece. It may put your mind at rest - or of course it may make you scratch your head and wonder just how people fell for these dire warnings in the first instance.

With 2012 Fast Approaching: 10 Apocalypse Predictions That Failed Miserably | Socyberty


Patrick Bernauw said...

Ah, this is a great "antidote" article!