Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Artrosilium - What's All The Fuss About?

A few weeks ago I met up with some old friends.  Now by old I mean I have known them for quite a while – none of them would actually describe themselves as old (although the average five year old might).  Over a few glasses of wine the conversation turned to the aches and pains that we are all experiencing – especially since we are experiencing the hardest winter here in London for forty year – and the associated treatments.

One product that came up around the table again and again was Artrosilium.  One person mentioned it when they were talking about their arthritis.  To be honest I had no idea that they had it – they said that it was probably because of they used this .  It sounded familiar but I wasn’t sure.  So, I said, tell me more.

is a gel that is amazingly good for relieving the pain that comes with arthritis.  What is more is that its main ingredient is organic silica (I looked this up when I got home and found to my surprise that after oxygen this is the most abundant chemical one earth).  Bonus points already.  It also contains the likes of Queen of the Meadow, which is a vegetal aspirin and blackcurrant.  Did you know that has been used to treat arthritis for hundreds of years?  Me neither!

This comes as a gel, which sounds a traditional kind of treatment of arthritis.  Then someone else mentioned that they used it too – but in the form of an elixir.If you would like When you get to my age that word has something of a ring to it!  It seems that you can take a spoonful of the before your breakfast and it does wonders for your sense of vitality and energy.  My friend swears by it.

isn’t just for arthritis either.  You can use it to help in the treatment of eczema, haemorrhoids, psoriasis and even veruccas.  One of my friends said that she had tried virtually every product available before she came across Artrosilium.  Although it is mail order she was very pleasantly surprised when her order arrived just a few days later.    She now wouldn’t use any other product and from the way she was whirling around the dance floor that evening, I don’t blame her!


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