Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Camelizer - Cool Addon for Amazon

If you are like me then you will do a lot of shopping on the Internet.  One thing that always seems to be misisng though is the active pursuit of a bargain!  I have always had no problem with returning to a shop to see if the price of an item I want has gone down but somehow it seems to be more difficult online.  Recently I discovered a really cool - and free website that allows me to keep an eye on prices on Amazon - one from which I buy loads of stuff. Amazon price watch site camelcamelcamel   is brilliant because it does all the hard work for you. Nothing better than that in my books!  As an Amazon price watch site it takes some beating.

The name immediately strikes you as cool and relevant. Camels are patient animals and can wait and wait. So it is with The Camelizer for Firefox addon. If you use the best browser in existence, then your Amazon price tracking will be much easier with this cool addon. You can also use it on sites like Best Buy and New Egg. You can really buy things online and be informed about it. When a price of something you have been watching goes down then you can get an alert - either by email, Twitter or on your desktop via their RSS feed.

If you are a Google Chrome person, then you don't have to be disappointed either! The Camelizer for Google Chrome is also available with all the features as Firefox. So, you can keep an eye on nearly 1 million products here which, let's face it, is pretty hard for a mere mortal to do! You can import your Amazon wishlist and watch the Amazon price history as it happens. Oh and registration is completely optional - you just download the toolbar and get on with it if that is what you want. Check it out!

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