Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Man Who Sold Coals to Newcastle

At a time when the Founding Fathers were putting together a fine piece of work about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, there was one man in the fledgling republic of the USA who know exactly what he wanted to pursue. And that was cash, wonga, bucks - basically loadsamoney! Timothy Dexter made it too - but what makes it astonishing is just how he made it. I am not one hundred percent right but I would call him (in terms of luck if not literacy!) the Forest Gump of his day.

From the article:
His first stroke of luck came when he married a widow by the name of Elizabeth Frothingham. She owned property and was wealthy, which enabled the young Timothy to go into business on his own.

READ MORE to see how this son of a poor family, through astonishing good luck, got to live in the fancy pad below.

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