Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Gundam! Metal Monument Towers over Tokyo

We like big man made objects here at Webphemera and although you get bigger than this fairly often, you don't if you are talking reinforced plastic. Trust the Japanese to go for something over the top - but awesome - to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the metaseries Gundam. Book your tickets now, though, if you want to see this metal monument - it seems that it will only be standing for two months.

From the article:
Gundam! The very word strikes a thrill in to the hearts of fanboys and girls the world over. The producers of the anime metaseries, which this year celebrates its thirtieth birthday decided that to mark this occasion, something seriously big had to happen. The franchise, which has become a 50 billion yen global trademark needed something gigantic and Sunrise Studios came up with this. Move over, Liberty, this statue is for the twenty first century!

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