Monday, 3 August 2009

How Coprolite Helped Win the First World War

You what? Yes, you read (and maybe guessed) right. Coprolite did indeed have a hand in winning the First Wold War. Stranger things have happened at sea, so they say - but not much stranger, that is for sure. Let us let tell us more about it - don't forget to click READ MORE to, well, read more. It is so tempting to say, yeah, he's full of it anyway, but I will resist. I Will Resist... I WILL... oh sh......t!

From the article:
More rare and often harder to identify than dinosaur bones, the fresh excrement of ancient animals if exposed to conditions favorable to preservation can become fossilized. The specimens can become rock-hard nodes. They are called "coprolite". High in phosphate, ground coprolite "dinosaur poop" was used for fertilizer and briefly used in munitions development during early World War I.


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