Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Myrtle Beach

The big thing this year seems to be the ‘staycation’ but here at Webphemera we are little more adventurous than that. Well, saying that we like adventure in terms of new places, but we also like to make sure that the food, the service and the facilities are up to what we would like. So, a Myrtle Beach Resort is one of those places that we always consider. It is one of those places that not many Brits go to, so will always be somewhere that you can talk about without the been there, done that look. Yes, you know exactly what we mean!

Perhaps, rather than staying at home, some sideways thinking is more the order of the day. With a Myrtle Beach Resort that option is more than realistic, and it will also take you somewhere a little off the beaten track for UK tourists. You have probably heard of South Carolina- in terms of the old American Civil War films. However, as a holiday destination, there is something there that you may wish to consider.

South Carolina boasts many places to visit – both historical and geographical and, as you might expect there are some places the locals will advise you to go and see before the ones you see in the brochures. Really, it is much the same when you think about where you are going to stay and if you are beginning to wonder where exactly you might rest you weary bones the Myrtle Beach Resorts is one plave you may want to seriously consider. Well appointed condos and all the modern facilities that you would care for are all there – and of course there is the locality to take in to account.

South Carolina is renowned to be one of the most hospitable places in the United States and if you want a holiday with a difference – something that you can talk about to the neighbors, then the Myrtle Beach Accommodations is certainly the place to stay when you are in South Carolina. Oh, they call it SC out there – but it could just stand for Superb Condos at the same time. So, remember – for an SC, go to SC!

Oh and yes, all the pictures are from Myrtle Beach!


jessleigh said...

We just returned from Myrtle Beach. It is too crowded in the summer season and there are WAY too many drunken teenagers and college kids. We found an ocean front room with a kitchen for 5 nights for $300 - what deal! I always stay in Myrtle Beach after Christmas for amazing rates and low crowds. The best beaches in the summer are beaches on the North Carolina Coast - The Outer Banks, Atlantic Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Bald Head Island, Ocracoke