Friday, 31 July 2009

The Colour of Water

So, what is the colour of water? Transparent, see through, invisible, no colour at all? Wrong! Find out what colour it really is in the article below. Of course, you have probably guessed what colour it is going to be but what is more interesting about this colourful (ahem) article is the fact it also explains why.

From the article
A lot of the color you see comes from the depth of the water, not the sunlight cascading down upon it. White sunlight contains all the colors in the spectrum. Water gives absorbing all these colors a good go but some of them are absorbed more than others. It is only, in addition, any good at doing this if it has a lot of company. In other words, cup sea water in your hands and it appears clear, throw it back in the sea and it joins the rest of the countless H20 molecules in there to become blue.

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