Thursday, 28 May 2009

Bamboo: The Miracle Crop From the Past and a Hope for the Future

OK, so we all thought it was just Panda food. Turns out that there are a lot more uses for bamboo than meets the eye. It seems it can be turned to, well, just about anything. Take a look - this may surprise you.

From the article
Bamboo is being used in a number of innovative ways. Both old and new which include of course food, building material, environmental uses, decorative and functional objects of everyday need. This material is multi-functional, fast-growing and renewable. If ever there was an environmental product that could call itself "green" it would have to be bamboo.

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Poseidon said...

in china, the bamboo means also in the spiritual side such as civilized, grand, growth etc. bamboo got loved from many acadamic people in the history of china.