Thursday, 28 May 2009

10 Awesome Flash-Animated Interactive Websites

Phew! That title is a bit of a mouth full. However, it does describe well the 10 websiteS below. They are awesome, use flash for the animations and are interactive. So, this does what it says on the label - enjoy!

From the article
Take a set of stunning panoramic views and from them create an awesome multi-resolution flash virtual tour. This seems to have been the brief in the development of this site and it pays off superbly. The first shot of Central Park and the ambient music set the tone for the whole experience. This is a bird's eye view of the city which you have to see to believe. If Google Earth is Grandma Walton then this is Marilyn Monroe (if you see what I mean). You can control the direction of the panorama and zoom in and out. This really is New York as only few see it.

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