Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Over at The Ancient Digger, Lauren Axelrod has written a great piece on what she believes to be the 13 Wonders of the World. Why not pop over there and see if you agree with her? In fact, take a tour around this wonder-ful (gettit?) up and coming blog.

From the article:

Scientists and Archaeologists have been researching these amazing feats for years. They have established time lines for the beginning of life, the scriptures that foretold the future, and the artifacts left behind that have been carbon dated as far back as millions of years. If these remnants of history are still standing after the evolution of the world, then these are the true Wonders of the World.

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Dr. Lauren said...

You rock! Get it? Archaeology? lol I added a link to Webphemera on my latest post.