Saturday, 9 May 2009

8 Animals That Can Transmit Deadly Diseases to Humans

On a British TV programme, Crimewatch, the presenter used to say Don't Have Nightmares at the end - just after showing the watching public the most awful unsolved crimes and criminals on the loose. That is something we like to adhere to here at Webphemera, so with no more ado, let take you on a short tour of animals that can give you diseases. Deadly ones. If you hear the slight echo of an evil cackle as you click the link below, do not be too surprised. Now, Don't have nightmares!

From the article:
A zoonosis is any infectious or parasitic disease of animals that can be transmitted to humans or from human to animals (reverse zoonosis). Many disease organisms can infect only humans or particular animals, but zoonotic organisms are more flexible and can adapt themselves to many different species.

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