Monday, 6 April 2009

Louie Jerome is Published

Wonderful news! Online writer extraordinaire and occasional Webphemera contributor Louie Jerome (left) has been published.

Billed as a 'pyschic journey', Peter and the Black Dog centres around a young girl with a strange gift that she hides from the rest of the world. She meets, in her inner spiritual world, the eponymous duo and in the real world has an encounter with a faith healer who shows her that her own gift is a very special one indeed.

The novel has been published by the New York based house, AEG. It is available to purchase online via their .

If you are a stranger to Louie's work then you can see her online portfolio of articles .

As if all of those articles aren't enough, Louie is involved in numerous blogs. One, is about all things written, the graft, the process, the marketing, the writers, the finished pieces. You can read an excerpt from Peter and the Black Dog there, although my advice would be to just click on the link above and buy it. Another of her blogs, deals with the daily weirdness of English life. And boy, does it get weird sometimes!

Louie's friend and sometime partner in blog, , has written a about the publication of Peter and the Black Dog.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Louie on the publication of her novel. At the same time I think it is time I properly thanked her for the manymanymany times she has supported and encouraged me in my own attempts to write. Without the support of people like her many online writers out there would have given up a long time ago. So (and I hope I can speak for everyone here) brilliant work, Louie! We hope the book sells a million.

Oh, and, er, is there going to be a sequel?


Anonymous said...

Yay You! :-) Congratulations & all the best!


Glynis said...

A wonderful and true blog about a special writing friend. Her support is amazing, if you have a problem go ask her!

(Thanks for the mention :) )

Dr. Lauren said...

I am so thrill for Louie. What an accomplishment!

Geri Ohara said...