Monday, 13 April 2009

First Contact: Vulcan Mind Melds with President Obama - Photographic Proof

Here is one for all of you conspiracy theorists out there. Evidence always seems to be the one thing is lacking when it comes to such things... however not this time. Clear photographic proof that not only the administration but POTUS himself may have been accommodated by alien forces long thought to be, well, fictional. You will have to click on the read more link below to see the picture though!

From the article:
Baby's First Vulcan Mind Meld. Infant Vulcan mind melds with President Obama. Logic ensues.

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Anonymous said...

Tin Foil Hats everyone.... Yes its true.... Mr Obama met vuclan Ambassador T'Pol, grandfather of Science Officer Spock for the frist time on the 3nd of August 2009 at area 53 base.