Friday, 10 April 2009

African-American Female Firsts

It is sometimes quite easy to feel hard done by, particularly at the moment when we are in the worst recession for several generations. However, at least one thing that many us can expect - and demand if we do not receive it - is equality. Here are some short biographies (with pictures) of the lives of some African-American Women, Webphemera's contribution to Black History Month. What they overcame quite often make our everyday problems pall in comparison. An interesting and uplifting read.
From the article:
At times in history when they were not expected to excel but to know their place in society, these African-American women became the first to achieve a variety of things. Some of these achievements we may take for granted these days but others are still astonishing.

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Written by RJ Evans


Glynis said...

This is an interesting article, so many brilliant women.