Friday, 17 April 2009

17 Things to Love About the British

You might be forgiven for thinking that Webphemera is an American blog, but you would be wrong - it is British - even though it is true that the majority of its readership derives from that quaint little (ex) colony of ours over the Atlantic. Before you dash off in disgust, that was an example of British humour (please note the correct spelling). Just as well then, that is at hand to give us a run down of 17 things that to love about the denizens of dear old 'Blighty'.

Please don't be confused by the flag either. The Welsh dragon has not suddenly been given centre (note correct spelling again) stage all of a sudden. It's just another example of typical 'Britishness' - that we leave out of the Union Jack the best bloody bit of any flag in the United Kingdom (or possibly the world). After all this 'rabbit', please don't forget to take a look at Stephanie's article - link below!

From the article:
Our neighbors from across the pond are all that and a cup of tea. Despite all their quirks, eccentricities and attempts to enslave us with taxation- we still can't live without them. Here are 17 things to love about the British.
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Eddie said...

Although you appear to believe that leaving out the Dragon was a bad idea for the Union Flag, there is a reason for this.

The Union Flag represents the Union of Kingdoms of Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. Was is not a Kingdom, but a Principality.