Saturday, 3 April 2010

What Would You Do If You Could Clone Yourself?

An interesting question, that's for sure - but not one to which many people give serious thought.  However, here are twenty people who did!  So, what would you get up to if you could clone yourself?  You could...

Take a huge amount of clones to your next lecture at university.  Of course, there would be no guarantee that they would all pay attention.

Or then again you could always turn your mind to business and brain storm a million ideas to make your fortune in whatever industry you were to choose.

Of course, there may be a problem with what to do with all those spare bodies.  Well, if you can clone yourself you can probably deactivate the pesky things when you have no use for them. Pop them in a cupboard on hangers (or disassemble, the choice is yours) and Bob's your uncle.

There may be a problem or two in store for the future.  Your clone(s) may decide that they have had enough of you and your patrician ways (hey, you might be the original and first but not the best).  You may get home one day to discover that they have plans for you too.

However, you may all get on like a house on fire and go out several times a week, talk about sport and get hopelesssly drunk.

If you are in possession of a certain joie de vivre you may find all sorts of multinational organisations queueing up to use you for their latest advertising campaign.

If you are less lucky you may find that your new found friends just encourage you to keep up with or even increase all those old, bad habits you were hoping to kick.

On the other hand, many hands make light work....

You may wish to inflict headaches on others and produce a set of pictures that will confuse and bewilder.  So, how exactly might you do that?  Try something like the above.

Then again, you might want nothing more bewildering than to play a good game of cards - which might just well last forever if you are all exactly evenly matched.

It  may just get a little crowded, though, even if you make only two clones of yourself.  Perhaps you would get a little fed up with your own company.

Your clones might not be ready for the trials and tribulations of the outside world to begin with.  You might have to become their teacher for a while.  How good a pupil would you make?

Back to the idea of making a fortune.  The first stab at that may have been a little too casual.  Best to put on a nice crisp shirt and a flashy tie and - well - you might not succeed this time either to be honest.

Cloning does not always have to end in boredom, violence or failed business ventures.  If all you are looking for is a dance partner - or three - then it may just be the solution you are looking for.  Unless you have two left feet - or in this case eight.

If all you want to do is play peekaboo, then your life could well take a turn for the better.

Or you could become multpile couch potatoes.  Where is the harm in that?

Just have some fun. Your clones may be born looking like you full grown but they must still experience the joys of childhood, surely?

Perhaps your original was slightly artily inclined.  Imagine the symbolics you could get up to if there were three of you.

Yes, probably, fun would have to be the name of the game.  It may turn out a little expensive if all of you want that deluxe acme skateboard, but what the heck, we are here for a good time not a long time.

 Be carefiul though.  Your clones may like their own company more than yours and you could end up bored while they have fun amongst themselves.  Perhaps this wasn't such a good idea, after all.

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