Thursday, 22 April 2010

Blair 2nd Round - Mens

1910. Pennsylvania. Raincoats for undertakers. You might hardly think that this is a promising start for a company but one hundred years later, Blair is still going – and going from strength to strength. There are stories like this the world over, from Burberry to Doc Martens – brands that started out with what you might say limited appeal can – for a variety of reasons – flower in to a new existence wholly unexpected.

If you haven’t heard of Blair before you might want to look in to their classic – the . This may be something that your father or grandfather would be comfortable weari ng but there is an essential comfort about a flannel shirt that somehow seems to ride over barriers such as fashion to become something just that little bit better – timeless.

One of the cool things about Blair and their products is that they have not forgotten their roots and their company headquarters are still located in the same place as one hundred years ago – in Warren, Pennsylvania. That means that this company has some history – they were going strong way before the First World War started – and that’s not something that many companies can boast really, is it?

Of course you can still shop with Blair the good old fashioned way by sending off for a catalogue (which, by the way is wonderful). However, Blair has also moved with the times and you can order your clothing of exceptional quality for prices that are more than fair online these days.

These clothes come with a quality guarantee and - again we use that word – timeless style that appeals to so many people. If comfort, quality and value for money mean something to you (and of course, they do!) then pay a visit to their site and have a look at what we are so keen about.