Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eclipse Tshirts at Cafepress - Very Cool!

The next movie in the Twilight Saga, Eclipse is going to hit our movie theatre screens at the end of June and people are already getting excited about it.

It is quite unbelievable just how many fans a-of all ages the book and movie series has. If you want to show your appreciation of the movies as you walk, then we would advise you have a look at the customized tshirts on Cafepress.

They are very, very cool.
There is a huge amount of Eclipse apparel available at this online store, so much so that you will not quite know where to begin! There is a cool one that says it is a dangerous thing to date a vampire! Plus for those of you who have family and friends who just don’t get your obsession, sorry, interest in the movies, then there is one that proudly states It’s an Edward thing, you wouldn’t understand.

You don’t have to stop at tshirts either. Cafepress have other items that we know you will want to get your claws, sorry hands on. They have bags, water bottles and mini buttons among thousands of other very cool Twilight: Eclipse fan designs. You will really be able to get your teeth in to this site, go take a look!