Saturday, 17 April 2010

Tag Galaxy

This is very, very cool. A site called Tag Galaxy allows you to look for pictures on Flickr. OK, so nothing new there, but it is the way it does it that is entertaining and really shows off Web 2 capabilities at their best. You type your initial tag in - in our case we type din nature.

Then you get a view of the solar system with additional tags attached to the planets which you can choose to refine your search. You can simply click on the sun if you want and get your results, but we chose the addition tag marked macro.

After that we thought one more refinement, so added water - just for good measure. A click on the sun at the centre of the tag galaxy and we are then presented with Flickr photographs coming together to make the sphere you can see here. You can turn it around three sixty degrees with your mouse and chose the pictures you would like to see closer. Awesome. We could play with this all day!