Thursday, 8 April 2010

Get Bookish With Your T-Shirts

I know it sounds a little odd but maybe you will agree with me on this one.  Maybe not, I mean I am only talking about T-shirts.  However, when you notice someone wearing the same t-shirt as you, do you hate is as much as me?  It’s almost like an affront to my individuality – not to put too fine a point on it of course.

That’s why whenever possible I like to wear custom t-shirts.  I like to have a little say in what I am wearing as, after all, you are what you wear!  So, I like nothing more than to stamp my own character on my clothes.  Fortunately there is this great website – cafe press – which enables me to customise t-shirts till the cows come home (or until I am done, usually).    Just about the best thing about this site is that they seem to have read my mind when it comes to the sort of t-shirt I like to wear.  Generally I like a little humor on my t-shirts and this site has it in spades.

I am, as my friends will tell you, exceptionally fond of books and I always seem to have my head buried in one.  So, one thing I can do now is to declare my love of literature by proudly wearing a book t-shirt, customised how I like it.  Having said that, many of the book t-shirts that Cafe Press has are ready to wear as they are.

I particularly like the one that proudly reads ‘I like big books and I cannot lie’, which beautifully combines my lifetime adoration of anything with pages and a certain movie about a big green ogre.